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09110 - Heartburn Free®† with ROH10®
For anyone with concerns about gluten, rest assured that this supplement is free of the protein.As a pioneer in science-based supplements, we have a pharmaceutical-minded commitment to quality from the moment ingredients arrive, to the day finished supplements ship from our drug GMP audited facility.
02490 - Acid-Ease®†
A blend of enzymes and herbal ingredients that provide soothing support for healthy digestion.†
08466 - Peppermint Plus®
Enteric-coated peppermint, rosemary, and thyme oil extract softgels.
09001 - DGL
Chewable deglycyrrhizinated licorice (DGL) tablet.

Heartburn Free®† with ROH10®

Orange peel extract
Lasting relief from occasional heartburn for six months or more!†
10 Softgel Capsules

Why use an orange peel extract to battle occasional heartburn?

Because orange peel extract works with the body, rather than fighting against it
Unlike many traditional products, a clinically-studied orange peel extract will not reduce mineral absorption, inhibit protein digestion, or shut down acid production. Contrary to many common solutions, it works with your body's natural digestive processes.

Why use Heartburn Free®† with ROH10®?

It provides lasting relief from occasional heartburn for up to six months or more:
Heartburn Free®† with ROH10® delivers relief from occasional heartburn, acid indigestion, and upset stomach. With Heartburn Free, every-other-day supplementation brings everyday occasional heartburn relief - your stomach and esophagus will thank you for it.After completing the initial regimen, symptoms of occasional heartburn occur much more infrequently. And, if they do return after the initial 10 capsule regimen, a single capsule of Heartburn Free should provide relief.

Unique formulation you won't find anywhere else
Its key ingredient, orange peel extract (ROH10®), provides lasting relief without shutting down the production of stomach acid. Heartburn Free also doesn't reduce mineral absorption or inhibit protein digestion.