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05519 - Cholesterol Shield™
This supplement contains no ingredients derived from animal sources.For anyone with concerns about gluten, rest assured that this supplement is free of the protein.As a pioneer in science-based supplements, we have a pharmaceutical-minded commitment to quality from the moment ingredients arrive, to the day finished supplements ship from our drug GMP audited facility.
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Cholesterol Shield

phytosterol blend†
Combination of pantethine and phytosterols to support healthy cholesterol levels within normal limits.†
90 Tablets

Why support healthy cholesterol levels**?

It may help reduce the risk of heart disease
Plant sterols are proven to help reduce cholesterol. Scientific evidence proves that including plant sterols in your diet helps to lower blood total and LDL cholesterol levels. Following a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, and consuming 400mg or more of plant sterols twice a day may reduce the risk of heart disease.
**Already within normal limits.

Why use Cholesterol Shield?

It's clinically effective.
This powerful blend of plant sterols is backed by research to maintain healthy cholesterol levels already within normal limits.

It combines clinically-studied ingredients
This unique combination of pantethine and phytosterols works together to:
  • Support heart health and healthy cholesterol production.
  • Limit absorption of cholesterol from food.
  • Limit re-absorption of cholesterol from bile.