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3 reasons why you need Earth’s Promise™ drink mix

For many people, the words “green” and “drink” in the same sentence imply St. Patrick’s Day beer. For others, it means a supplement that may have had to be almost forcibly imbibed, because it just didn’t taste very good. (Somewhere between stewed grass clippings and a bowl of dirt.)

The problem is, many of those green drink supplements really did contain a goodly amount of nutrients. They were just tough to choke down.

So make a promise to yourself. Make your green drinks of the Earth’s Promise™ drink mix variety. (You didn’t really think we were going to push green beer, did you?)

Earth’s Promise brings you the goodness of nature’s bounty in a more pleasing way than those green drinks of old may have. The “green” flavor, Strawberry-Kiwi, will make you forget all about more chlorophyll-heavy experiences of the past. And there are actually young grasses in there, too. These ingredients, including barley, oat, and wheat grasses, provide much higher nutrient levels than maturing grasses, because they haven’t put all their energies into stem growth or seed production.

3 reasons you need Earth’s Promise

But 3 big reasons to choose Earth’s Promise, are:

  1. Great source of fiber at least 16% of the Daily Value per serving
  2. Great-tasting “feel good” ingredients
  3. Naturally sourced from veggies and fruits

When busy schedules conspire against your better efforts, it’s a relief to have supplement in your corner. After all, even if fitting the “daily 5” into your diet is easy, it’s nice to give it a boost now and then.

When to use Earth’s Promise

Use Earth’s Promise to follow up after a cleanse, or a perfect in-between supplement during those long afternoons at the office. Grab a glass before outdoor chores around the yard, or refresh with some Earth’s Promise after exercise.

Just make yourself a promise to avoid tasting too many of those grass clippings.

And promise yourself each day to be healthy. Earth’s Promise™ makes it easy.

Published January 02, 2012
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