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Love the earth with True Organics™ supplements.

When going organic there are many obvious things you can do - gardening organically, eating organically, but what about your supplement regimen? With all of the "natural" and "organic" labels out there it's difficult to distinguish what really fits with your lifestyle.  True Organics™ supplements make it easy; just look for that little round green logo – the USDA Organic seal – and you know they’re for real.

The terms “natural” and “organic” have been thrown around a lot in the past few years, but they don’t mean the same thing. For instance, we don’t always know what “natural” on a package means—but “organic” has come to be very well defined
Having the USDA Organic seal on the package means 95% or more of our product has been organically produced according to the strictest standards.
That means:
  • No pesticides.
  • No harmful chemicals.
  • No worries.
Put together your own all-star team of organic supplements:
Like a roster of your favorite sports stars, True Organics fields an impressive lineup of supplements:
  • Cherry
    Just being alive means that we face free radicals. The food we eat, the air we breathe, the exercise we do creates conditions for cellular damage. True Organics Cherry provides the earth-friendly protection from free radical damage you need.†  It supports healthy joints, especially the joints your toes, by promoting pH balance.†  As you’d expect, True Organics Cherry is made from organically-grown cherries, that are freeze-dried for a premium product that’s superior to lesser quality, drum-dried extracts. Life is truly a bowl of cherries with this supplement—it uses 10 pounds of the fruit to create 1 pound of extract—that’s high potency!
  • Cranberry
    By now, you’ve probably heard about the benefits of cranberry. But you probably don’t want your cranberry served up with a helping of pesticides. For powerful antioxidants that help maintain a healthy urinary tract, True Organics Cranberry provides the benefits of cranberry juice in just one tablet daily, but without the calories or hassle.
  • Iron
    Iron helps you fight fatigue naturally because it helps transport oxygen through the body, helping cells create the very energy our bodies need to thrive. If you’re a woman between the ages of 18-44, you need iron—especially if you have an active lifestyle.
  • Vitamin B-12
    You’ll want to take Vitamin B-12 every day. After all, it’s the energy vitamin! That’s because Vitamin B-12 helps support carbohydrate and fat metabolism, maintain the central nervous system, and helps form red blood cells—making you feel physically vital and mentally alert.
  • Vitamin C
    You know you’ve relied on vitamin C for years. It’s nice to know this organically-sourced supplement from acerola cherry provides  powerful antioxidant protection, immune and joint health support, and peace of mind, too.

Be assured—we’re certified organic:
If you’re thinking of taking your organic lifestyle to the next level, True Organics – and Enzymatic Therapy® is there for you. We’ve been certified as an organic manufacturer by the largest and most recognized agency in the world—Quality Assurance International, (QAI). True Organics helps take the guesswork out of choosing an organic supplement. All you have to do is look for the USDA Organic seal.
Published June 16, 2010
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