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Eye Health in Your 30's and 40's

You may have noticed changes in your vision as you’ve moved into your 30’s and 40’s. That’s pretty normal. While updates in glasses prescriptions are a fact of life, there are supplements that can help you keep your peepers healthy, too.

Doctor’s Choice™ Eye Formula† with Lutein
Most likely, you spend at least part of your day working on a computer. It’s not just free-radicals and sunlight that can challenge your healthy vision; the glare of a computer or television screen puts your eyes under stress, too. It may be time to add Doctor’s Choice Eye Formula† to your daily regimen.

If you already take one of our Doctor’s Choice multivitamins, Doctor’s Choice Eye Formula makes the perfect companion - it was specifically created to provide extra nutrients for your eyes that you may not be getting from food alone.† We mention “Lutein” in the name because it is a powerful ingredient, found in plants and related to beta-carotene. In our bodies, lutein is concentrated in our retinas and supports the ability of our eyes to focus images.† 

Bilberry Extract:
Bilberry’s connection to healthy vision support was first studied during World War II for the Royal Air Force. That’s because its natural antioxidant compounds don’t just protect against free radical damage, they actually concentrate their efforts on a pigment in the retina responsible for night vision and making quick adjustments to light and dark.† And, they help strengthen the small blood vessels in the eye as well.† These are pretty important considerations for a combat pilot. Chances are, you won’t face the same strains in the course of your daily routine, but it’s nice to know you can support your healthy vision with this strong, natural supplement.†

Clearly superior vision support†
While nobody can slow the passage of time, there are ways to keep healthy overall and support healthy vision. Beyond exercising, eating right, and being cautious about UV exposure, taking care of eyesight can be as simple as adding an extra boost to your supplement regimen.†

Published January 02, 2012
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