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Aging Well: Skin

How can I keep my skin looking healthy?

Skin is the largest organ in the human body--the primary barrier between the outside world and our delicate internal organs. Skin also helps regulate body temperature, protects us from the sun, and contains nerves that give us the sensation of touch, temperature, and pressure. These nerves are important--they're what tell us to get our hands off a hot stove before we burn ourselves.

Our skin is also our living portrait to the world. We want it to look its best, and we feel better about ourselves when it does.

Because our health on the inside is reflected on the outside, keeping your skin supple and healthy starts with getting a wide variety of antioxidants, either through diet or as supplements.† Skin is very vulnerable to free radical damage; antioxidants can minimize their adverse effects and keep your skin looking vibrant.† Additionally, healthy fats -- such as those found in fish oil -- keep your skin flexible and firm.† Choose Lustrous Hair and Nails™ biotin blend, or Hair and Skin Nutrition® dietary supplement, and pair it with Pearls IC™ intensive care probiotics to create the foundation for beautiful, healthy skin.†

See also: Antioxidants; Daily Health

 = recommended for daily use
 = take as extra support or when needed


Lustrous Hair and Nails™† biotin blend Working synergistically, the B vitamins along with vitamin C and zinc have been demonstrated to nourish and promote the growth of strong nails, healthy hair, and skin.†
Hair and Skin Nutrition®† dietary supplement Balanced formula of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that support healthy hair and skin.†
Pearls IC™ intensive care probiotics You are what you eat. Keep your digestive system healthy so it can absorb the nutrients needed to nourish your skin. Beneficial probiotics have also been shown to support healthy skin integrity.†
Published February 26, 2010
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