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No-Brainer Solutions to Revive Hair, Skin and Nails†

Your hair, skin and nails can take a lot of abuse throughout the years, but they can’t hide wear and tear forever. As you age, you may notice changes like more hair breakage (the dreaded split-ends!) or deeper laugh lines around your eyes. Whether you’re concerned about the integrity of your hair, the strength of your nails or the glow of your skin, these supplements can help!

Eskimo-3® natural stable fish oil
Diets rich in essential fatty acids, like those found in fish oil, provide significant benefits to support healthy skin.† Several studies have shown that supplemental fish oil helps retain skin appearance and elasticity.† In fact, in a 4-month trial of Eskimo-3, participants reported a 78% improvement in dry skin.

DermaKlear® Akne•Zyme®†
Promotes healthy skin and reduces occasional acne!

Oxidative stress caused by the environment can age the appearance of your skin faster than you’d like. DermaKlear Akne•Zyme is an antioxidant blend of vitamins and minerals that fights free radicals and supports your skin from the inside out. The unique combination of vitamins A and C, minerals zinc, potassium, and magnesium, and traditional herbs delivers a full range of healthy benefits for your skin!

Next time you feel the need to hit up the beauty counter, promote beauty from the inside out with Enzymatic Therapy® products instead!

Published October 25, 2010
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