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3 Unlikely Suspects for Bone Health†

You’ve heard of the usual supplemental suspects for bone health like calcium, right? But did you know there are supplements you’d never suspect of supporting healthy bones? †

Acid-A-Cal™ dietary supplement
You probably have at least a passing acquaintance with stomach acid, but did you know it can affect your bones?

If you look at the pH scale, acid materials are on the low end (1) and alkaline, or base materials are on the high end (14). For the most part, the body holds a pretty neutral pH balance—about 7.4. However, it has to work to keep it in balance.

So how does this affect your bones? Because while the stomach is acid—and it should be—the rest of the body generally isn’t—and it shouldn’t be. When diets have acidifying effects in the body—high protein diets come to mind—calcium, a naturally alkaline material, is released from the bones and put into the bloodstream to balance the effects. Overly-alkaline body fluids can make calcium harder to absorb, too. That’s where Acid-A-Cal can help.†

Acid-A-Cal provides acidifying compounds such as ammonium chloride, betaine hydrochloride, and calcium phosphate that can help support balanced pH levels.† Plus, it includes vitamins C and B6 along with lemon—another surprising choice, perhaps—that ensure proper absorption of calcium, too.†
Artery Advantage™† circulatory support†
Wait. A circulatory support supplement in an article about bone health? The best combination of ingredients that promote artery health, don’t do so at the expense of overall health.† The plus side is that they promote healthy bones, too.†

Artery Advantage† circulatory support† provides natural ingredients that you’re probably not finding in your daily diet, including: vitamin K2, garlic, and pomegranate. Of the three, K2 from natto is the one to watch for bone health.

In Artery Advantage, vitamin K2 derived from natto, does something cool. It helps put that valuable calcium from our bloodstream into our bones.† By doing this, it helps support healthy arteries and healthy bones.†

Earth’s Promise™ drink mix
Like Acid-A-Cal, pH balancing nutrients in this formula make it easier for your body to absorb minerals better, and help them get where you want ‘em to be.†

And, like Artery Advantage†, Earth’s Promise provides ingredients that you may not be getting every day from your regular meals as well.

If you’re concerned about bone health and pH balance, many foods including spinach, broccoli, cabbage, collard greens, mustard greens, blue-green algae, sea veggies, alfalfa and wheat and barley grasses may help balance pH levels in the body. 

Conveniently enough, these ingredients are found in Earth’s Promise green drink mix.

If you’re diet isn’t as fruit-and-veggie-filled as you’d like, check out Earth’s Promise drink mix. Available in delicious Strawberry-Kiwi, it would be hard to find better-tasting bone health support that actually includes the fiber and antioxidants you need, too.†

Round up the unusual suspects for bone health
So when you’re ready to round up the usual suspects for bone health, consider thinking outside of calcium & co. for a change. To be sure, calcium is great and necessary, but it may be a pleasant surprise to try something a little new and unexpected, too.

Published January 02, 2012
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