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Find out about the key nutrients this living tissue needs to keep it going strong and healthy for a lifetime.

Why do we need vitamin D? What is the connection between vitamin D and calcium? If I spend a lot of time outdoors do I really need a vitamin D supplement? There’s a lot of lingering questions about vitamin D (also known as the sunshine vitamin) and it’s time to set the record straight.

While vitamin D3 has been called “sunshine in a bottle,” it probably doesn’t generate a lot of excitement. That’s about to change with a new, chocolate-flavored chewable version from Enzymatic Therapy®.

You’ve heard of the usual supplemental suspects for bone health like calcium, right? But did you know there are supplements you’d never suspect of supporting healthy bones? †

It may be because bone health is generally considered a women’s concern, but most men probably aren’t getting the calcium they need from diet alone, either.

What can I do to keep my bones healthy?
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