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Men, Get Over Your Fear of Calcium

Guys can be weird about some things. If—for one split second—something seems “girly,” most guys will never mention or go near it again. The aversion to “girl germs” just doesn’t go away with age, either.

However, one thing guys need to get over is their fear of calcium supplements. It may be because bone health is generally considered a women’s concern, but most men probably aren’t getting the calcium they need from diet alone, either.

Don’t forget, skeletons aren’t static.
We tend to think of our bones as fossils, but the fact is, your bones aren’t petrified. At least not yet. They need nutrients because they’re growing and changing all the time. And, you don’t need to have a runaway skeleton in order to lose calcium. We lose calcium every day by sloughing off skin cells, hair, through sweat, and every time we use the bathroom.

Weight news that may surprise you

While too much weight gain is never healthy, some increase in weight—especially lean muscle mass—may actually boost the strength of your bones. As we get older our bodies typically lose more bone faster than they can replace it. Exercise, including moderate weight lifting provides the load bearing necessary that induces the body to create more bone matrix.

Sure, it’s in foods, but are you getting enough?
Calcium is found in many foods, including some you wouldn’t normally associate with bone-building. Even spinach and oranges contain some calcium. And, if you’re a fan of milk, you’re getting a bit of calcium there, too. But ask yourself—are you getting enough calcium to match your needs?

Two supplements you should check out:

  • Liquid Calcium Magnesium
    The name might make you think of “liquid metal” but the benefits are for real. This supplement contains calcium, plus vitamin D and two other magnesium and boron to help it absorb and support your bone matrix.† An added bonus, this supplement tastes like a delicious vanilla shake, too.
  • Calcium with Magnesium, Phosphorus and Vitamin D
    This multi-calcium blend provides more calcium and vitamin D than drinking 3 glasses of milk, without the fat, calories, lactose, and milk breath.† Plus, it’s formulated just right—balanced so the amount of calcium and phosphorus work as a team to absorb better and go to work.† (based on existing claim)
Not just for bones anymore.
The more we learn about calcium, the more we realize how important it is. Calcium is THE most abundant mineral in the body. Our systems use calcium all the time, every day, to build and strengthen bones, teeth, support cell metabolism and our nervous system.† Get more of this mineral into your routine right away. It’s no weekend project to put off until later.
Published May 14, 2010
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