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Bone and Joint: Joint†

Can supplements help me support healthy joints?

The joints in our body are any point where two bones connect. Our shoulders, hips, elbows, knees, wrists, and ankles are our major joints we use the most - and which require the most support.†

At each joint, our bones are covered in protective, cushioning cartilage. The entire structure of the joint is also surrounded by fluid (synovial fluid) that cushions and lubricates the protective tissue and keeps the bones from grinding against each other.

One of the natural building blocks of protective cartilage and synovial fluid in joints is glucosamine.†

Because glucosamine is so important to keeping joints healthy it is the foundation for our joint support products.† Start with one of our GS products, which we offer as a simple, glucosamine sulfate product or in combination with other joint supportive nutrients for those who need extra support.†

One thing to remember, though -- glucosamine sulfate can be taken for at least a month before the best benefits are noticed. So don't give up on it too soon if you don't notice a change right away. Give it at least a month before you make a decision on whether it is right for you.

 = recommended for daily use
 = take as extra support or when needed


GS-500™ dietary supplement, GS-750™ dietary supplement, or
GS-1500™ dietary supplement
Clinically tested form of glucosamine, shown to help build and support joint cartilage.† It's also up to 98% absorbable so more glucosamine reaches the joints.† Available in three dosage forms.
GS-500™ and Chondroitin dietary supplement Combining glucosamine sulfate with low molecular weight, marine-source chondroitin results in a highly absorbable formula offering ultimate support for joints and cartilage.†
MSM MSM is found naturally throughout the body, and is valued for its ability to support healthy joints and connective tissues.†
MSM with GS-500™ dietary supplement MSM combined with glucosamine sulfate for optimum penetration and support of joints and cartilage.†
Cherry Fruit Extract, or
True Organics™ Cherry
Compounds naturally occurring in cherry fruit can positively impact joint health, especially the joints of the feet and toes.†

Published June 27, 2011
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