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Props to Your Joints

Do your joints get props from you for the great job they do propping you up?

Sometimes we need to give our joints—natural shock absorbers—a little support. Consider two ways to reward them: Cherry Fruit Extract and GS-500 glucosamine sulfate supplement. Each works in a different way to help keep you moving, stay active, and cushion the sharp physical stresses you encounter every day.†

Cherry Fruit Extract

Cherry Fruit Extract is a great way to get a bowl of cherries without the bowl.

How’s that? Because it’s a powerful 10:1 extract. That means Cherry Fruit Extract uses 10 pounds of cherries to make 1 pound of extract. It’s an intense bioflavonoid experience that protects the cells in your cartilage against free radical damage.†

Flavonoids—the rich, natural antioxidants in cherries support the health of cartilage and collagen, which makes up our connective tissues.† Cherry Fruit Extract props up what props you up—your joints—especially the joints in your feet!† Plus, research shows that cherry fruit also helps the body maintain healthy uric acid levels already within the normal range, and promotes pH balance.†

GS-500™ dietary supplement

While Cherry Fruit Extract is busy providing benefits you’ll notice right away, Glucosamine sulfate works over time.†

In the body, glucosamine is a main ingredient of the fluids and cushioning tissues that surround our joints. Glucosamine sulfate is simply a clinically studied form of glucosamine used in supplements, including GS-500.

Sure, there are other forms of supplemental glucosamine—glucosamine hydrochloride comes to mind—but glucosamine sulfate has a high absorption rate (up to 98%, so more glucosamine reaches your joints) and the most clinical trials in its favor.† That’s why we use it in GS-500.

Of course, it won’t do you any good if you don’t use it, so we offer different formulations of the same great ingredient. If you’d like to get your glucosamine in for the day in just two tablets versus three, try GS-750™ extra strength glucosamine sulfate. Or, if mixin’ it up is more your style, add the GS-1500™ powder to a glass of water or your favorite fruit juice. One packet is all it takes.

Smooth strolling versus jolted joints

Cherry Fruit Extract and GS-500 can mean the difference between a smooth stroll and jolted joints. Don’t the props for your body deserve some nutritional reward for their good behavior?

Published October 12, 2009
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