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Children’s: Multivitamins and Daily Health

It's a fact. Children aren't getting the optimal nutrition they need to fuel growing bodies. Even the numbers back this up. For example, two-thirds of children don't even get 75% of the recommended daily intake of calcium. And, one study found that young children were only eating 25% of the recommended daily servings of vegetables.

Despite your best efforts, it may be tough for kids to get all of the nutrients they need through diet alone, and Sea Buddies™ Daily Multiple can help fill nutritional gaps and keep your child strong and healthy.

In addition, omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil are essential for brain development, healthy skin, and healthy hearts. Probiotics -- the good bacteria found in our intestines -- help relieve occasional constipation and promote good digestive health.

For an extra boost when it's needed, Sea Buddies™ Immune Defense dietary supplement and Esberitox® supercharged Echinacea can help you keep your child's immune system healthy, too. For even more suggestions, see our Children's Immune Health Guide.

daily use = recommended for daily use
extra support = take as extra support or when needed

Sea Buddies™ Daily Multiple Multivitamin supplementation has been demonstrated to significantly improve children's health status and school performance.† This delicious, one-per-day chewable children's formula delivers 25 important nutrients.†

Eskimo Kids A combination of essential fatty acids from two pure oils -- including the same fish oil used in Eskimo-3 - Eskimo Kids has been shown in clinical trials to improve focus and concentration in school-aged children.†
  Sea Buddies™ Immune Defense† dietary supplement A daily immune formula for children age one to twelve years of age in a chewable tablet, Sea Buddies Immune Defense provides targeted nutrition to support the health of children's immune systems.†

Esberitox® supercharged Echinacea Helps kids feel better, faster. A natural boost for the immune system in a great-tasting chewable tablet.†

Published September 20, 2012
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