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The Search for a Safer Children’s Natural Multivitamin

Give your children the healthy start they deserve.
We all know it's a real struggle to get your kids to eat right. And these are crucial developing years that require the very best in nutrition for a bright future.

It's important to do your homework and provide your children with a high-quality multiple that can insure they are getting proper daily nutrition. Every parent should want a premium, natural, children's multivitamin that is able to fill the nutritional gaps left behind without adding a ton of unnecessary preservatives, additives, artificial sweeteners and colors to their children's delicate systems.

How Do You Choose the Right Children's Multiple?
Not only should the major vitamins be included, they should be at sufficient levels.
Realize that your children don't need the nutrients in the dosages that you as an adult require to remain healthy, but they do need at least the minimum RDA for all the vitamins.

Taste is everything!
Make sure your children's multivitamin tastes good - but without the added sugar. Look for a natural flavoring such as stevia, which provides the perfect sweetness without adding extra trips to the dentist. Your children will actually looking forward to their next daily dose of nutrition!

Do what's best for your child.
Look for a multivitamin such as Sea Buddies™ daily multiple, which includes:

  • No chemical solvents or artificial colors.
  • No central nervous stimulants.
  • No artificial preservatives.
  • Analytical lab that tests for purity and potency of raw materials used.

Why Sea Buddies is Worth Every Penny...

  • Features vitamins and minerals every kid needs for energy and essential nutrition, in a base of natural antioxidant fruit extracts.†
  • Delivers a whopping 25 important nutrients!
  • Contains the lowest sugar content of all leading store brands - cutting the sugar out by 49 teaspoons a month!
  • Designed for children 2-12 years old.
  • One per day chewable.
  • Kids tested and loved delicious Splashberry and Tropical Splash flavors.

Lactose Intolerance? Wheat Allergies? No Worries!
Whatever your children's food intolerances, you can put your mind at ease. Sea Buddies includes no salt, yeast, wheat, gluten, corn, dairy products, peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, fish/shellfish, mango, sesame, artificial coloring, artificial flavoring or preservatives. What your children get are safe, natural ingredients you as a parent can trust to keep them healthy.†

Published September 21, 2009
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