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Cells Need Support Too!

Our bodies are made up of trillions of cells, each with its own job to do. For example, some cells are responsible for keeping our heart beating while others might help with digesting food. Keeping all the cells in the body healthy and in working order is important for all of us, because every day our cells are challenged and bombarded with tests to our defenses that provoke immune responses.

Support your local immune system
When your immune system needs extra support to keep your cells functioning properly, turn to Cell Forte® Max3 maximum deep immune support. Cell Forte Max3 combines three powerful ingredients for deep immune support: IP-6 and Inositol, maitake D-fraction, and POA Cat’s Claw.

Call out the tough guys

IP-6 and inositol may not sound very exciting, but it packs a powerful punch. IP-6 combined with inositol increases natural killer cell activity. (Sounds dramatic already, doesn’t it?) Natural killer cells are a type of lymphocyte (white blood cell) that doesn’t need instructions from other cells to go to work. They are the “tough guys” that serve on the front lines of our immune defense systems where they are responsible for immune surveillance and immunoregulation.

Dance with Mushrooms
Who would think that a simple mushroom like maitake would be good for the immune system? But this fantastic fungus has been used for centuries in China and Japan. Sometimes called “Dancing Mushrooms” because of their shape or, some say, because people danced for joy when they found them, maitakes supports healthy cell growth and regulation. They also help stimulate the immune system, sending T-cells and macrophages into action. T-cells help regulate the activity of other immune cells (helper T cells) and act as killer cells, secreting cytokines that serve as chemical messengers in the body. Macrophages, another immune cell, contribute to immune function by engulfing and neutralizing foreign matter. Maitake mushrooms also support the healthy development of those important natural killer cells mentioned earlier.

Find the right cat’s claw
Cat’s claw (Uncaria tomentosa) is another traditional remedy, this time from the rainforests of Peru. It’s called cat’s claw because this climbing vine has hook-like thorns that help it attach itself to trees. Although all parts of cat’s claw have been used traditionally, it’s the roots of cat’s claw that provide the most benefit. That’s because the roots contain pentacyclic oxindole alkaloids (POAs). Specific POAs support the release of mature cytotoxic T cells (CD8 helper T cells and CD4 killer T cells).

Not all cat’s claw products are created equal. Besides being standardized to contain 1.3 percent POAs, the cat’s claw in Cell Forte Max3 is also free of tetracyclic oxindole alkaloids (TOAs). Unlike POAs, TOAs don’t possess the same immune boosting power and can also diminish the effectiveness of POAs.

Best as a team
The three ingredients in Cell Forte® Max3 all have scientifically demonstrated immune supportive effects and, when combined, may work synergistically to support healthy cell development. Having IP-6 and inositol, maitake mushroom, and POA cat’s claw on board can help strengthen your body’s immune system arsenal and keep your cells doing the jobs they were meant to do.

Published October 02, 2009
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