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Cleansing: Cleansing Foods & Recipes

Going on a cleanse may be simple enough, but what to eat – now THAT’s tough! Generally speaking, sticking to the outside perimeter of your favorite grocery store – where the whole, unprocessed foods are, is your best bet.

But if you’d like a quick list of some cleanse-friendly food and supplement ideas, check the list below.

Nuts Benefits

An excellent low-carb, low sugar snack. Almonds are excellent sources of magnesium (essential for cellular energy), a dairy-free source of vitamin B2, (helps release energy from food) and phosphorus, (great for healthy bones). Raw, unsalted is best, but they beat chips any day!


Fiber source, great Omega-3 fatty acid source, trace minerals.


A bit more starchy and sweet than almonds, but like almonds, they provide magnesium, and phosphorus, along with fiber.

Pumpkin Seeds

Rich in minerals, including magnesium, manganese, phosphorous, iron, and copper. Pumpkin seeds are a good protein and vitamin K source as well.

Sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds provide magnesium, manganese, and copper, plus vitamin B1 and vitamin E.








Excellent fiber source, fresh taste, vitamin and mineral source.


A great ingredient for breakfasts or a mid-morning snack on its own, bananas provide potassium, plus fiber and vitamin B6.


A source of vitamin C, manganese, and fiber - they’re the perfect, quick “finger food.”


Loaded with lutein and other natural antioxidants, blueberries are a great late-summer/early fall treat.


With 3 times the amount of vitamin C as an orange, kiwis provide trace minerals and fiber, too.


Strawberries are surprisingly rich in vitamin C, a nutrient usually associated with citrus. They also provide trace minerals, and some fiber.


Pears provide dietary fiber, vitamin C, potassium and calcium. They make a crunchy snack or an addition to healthy recipes, and elegant desserts.


Loaded with vitamin C, oranges are another delicious way to get more fiber into your diet, too.


Raspberries provide manganese, fiber, vitamin C, and other natural antioxidants.


Cranberries provide vitamin C and other natural antioxidants, but they are probably best known in connection with urinary tract health.








Provides beta-carotene, vitamins C and K, plus fiber. Carrots make a great ingredient, and carrot sticks can satisfy a sweet or carb craving during mid-morning or afternoon.


One of the premier healthy vegetables, broccoli provides compounds that support cellular health. All that, and you get vitamin C, vitamin K, beta carotene, folate, and trace minerals, too.

Sweet Potatoes

This “alternative spud” provides beta-carotene, vitamin C, manganese, potassium, even a little iron. It makes a healthy substitute for regular potatoes, too. With a naturally sweet taste, they’re enjoyable with a little sea salt, fresh ground pepper, and a drizzle of olive oil.

Fresh greens

Romaine lettuce, arugula, endive, chard, spinach. Alone, or mixed together, these greens provide vitamins, minerals and fiber to your daily meals.


Tomatoes are one of the best things about summer. Besides the great taste (and endless varieties – check out your local farmers market or grow a few heirloom plants of your own) tomatoes provide lycopene, vitamin C, and many other nutrients and trace minerals.


Onions provide chromium and other minerals, vitamin C, and fiber.


Garlic is a health all-star in many diets, whether used as an ingredient with whole-grain pasta and freshly diced tomatoes, or roasted on its own. Among its many benefits, garlic also provides manganese, vitamin B6, and vitamin C.


Peppers add extra flavor and color to meals and provide beta carotene, vitamin C, lutein, and other natural antioxidants.


Great source of dietary fiber, potassium, vitamin B6, and good fats.

Green beans

Provides vitamin K and vitamin C. Steam with broccoli and cauliflower and top with fresh-ground pepper as a dinner side-dish.



Complex Carbohydrates




Whole grain bread

Fiber, good source of vitamins and trace minerals. Look for breads that say “whole grain”, because they are less processed and keep the nutrients found naturally in the grain kernels.

High-fiber crackers

Somewhat more processed than breads, but there are some good varieties out there. Just use caution because some may have a lot of sodium.

Brown rice

Fiber, B-vitamins and trace minerals. Makes a flavorful, healthy substitute for white rice or potatoes.

Whole grain/whole wheat pasta

Found at almost all grocery stores, this flavorful, high-fiber substitute for refined-flour pasta means that you can have spaghetti night, even on a cleanse. Consider serving with mushrooms or turkey meatballs and diced tomato sauce.



Protein and Dairy





A good lean meat – use dinner leftovers for lunches with whole grain breads, pitas, or tortillas.


Lean cuts of chicken make excellent dinners and sandwich-friendly leftovers. Avoid processed “lunch meats”, though.


Eggs are a great source of biotin and lutein, and are an affordable protein source to start your day.

Cold-water fish

Excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids

Lean red meat

Source of iron, B-vitamins, trace minerals, and amino acids. Generally, cleanse diets stay away from red meat, because most diets include quite a bit in the form of burgers. However, lean red meat is allowable, but try for only once a week.







Earth’s Promise™ Strawberry-Kiwi flavor.             

Great flavor, this drink mix includes fiber that keeps you feeling filled up, and antioxidant ingredients from fruits and vegetables

Fatigued to Fantastic!® Revitalization System

Convenient source of multiple vitamins and minerals, in two great flavors, Citrus Delight and Berry Splash. Excellent with breakfast or mid-morning.

Published January 02, 2012
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