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Cleansing: Intestinal Health†

How do I keep my intestines healthy and working smoothly?

Digestion and intestinal health seem like they should be pretty straightforward. After all, the intestines only have three main functions:
  • Pull nutrients from food
  • Rid the body of waste 
  • Act as an immune system barrier

Of course, it's not as simple as all that. The intestines are incredibly complex. Just digesting food and absorbing nutrients takes hundreds of steps, involving physical, chemical, hormonal, enzymatic, and bacterial activity.

To be effective, intestinal cleansing requires boosting fiber intake to help "scrub" the intestines and using a gentle laxative to help flush out waste.† Used four times a year, an intestinal cleanse like Simple Cleanse should work with the body's own natural internal cleansing processes for thorough detoxification.†

 = recommended for use up to four times a year
 = take daily as extra support between cleanses

Simple Cleanse† Designed to gently cleanse and refortify the digestive tract, working in harmony with the body's built-in purification systems.†
Whole Body™ Cleansing Multivitamin† A full spectrum daily multiple featuring key nutrients to enhance cleansing processes and detoxification pathways.†
Fiber Fusion™ daily cleansing fiber† Safely absorbs and eliminates toxins and improves colon function.†
Acidophilus Pearls™ active cultures Helps maintain a strong digestive system between cleanses.†
Pure Care™ Colon Cleanse Promotes easy, gentle, predictable elimination from the body, and can be used on a daily basis.†
Published June 18, 2010
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