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Why a liver cleanse is important.

When it comes to health and body systems, some get our attention more often than others. If they create more immediate concerns – stomach, skin, lungs – they get all the “health headlines” in daily life. But how often do we think about the liver?

We might be selling the liver short.
The liver’s “to-do” list is huge. It helps metabolize carbs and maintain healthy glucose levels, stores and synthesizes vitamins, and regulates hormones, including estrogen. But, arguably one of the liver’s most important tasks is creating a substance called bile.

Bile gets a bad rap because it just sounds bad. In the past, people would say someone was “filled with bile” if they had a bad temper. But has a big job.

This greenish fluid starts breaking down the fats we eat so the body can use the fat-soluble nutrients hidden within them. It also shuttles toxins through the digestive system, acting as a detoxifying agent. In the intestines, bile hands over custody of toxins to fiber which helps move them through the digestive system to be excreted later. (That’s yet another reason why fiber intake is so important.)

That’s why finding ingredients that support bile production – like those you’ll find in Complete Liver Cleanse is a big deal for the health of your liver and your entire body.

Unique ingredients – including fiber!
This simple, two-week liver cleanse program removes toxins, and rejuvenates your liver with a set of unique ingredients.

  • Milk thistle – with an amazing compound called silymarin – actually supports liver health at a cellular level. You’ve probably noticed this all-important herb included in other cleanses, for a good reason. It not only helps your liver detoxify and protects it from free radical damage, but supports the gall bladder, the intestines, and the circulatory system as well. 
In Complete Liver Cleanse, this botanical extract is combined with other herbal ingredients that work together to stimulate the liver and increase bile production, including boldo, burdock, dandelion and artichoke. Keeping healthy bile flow is part of the body’s natural “moving service” for toxins. Other important members of the Complete Liver Cleanse team include:
  • Calcium D-glucarate helps keep the compounds from reverting back to their original toxic state as they move through the gall bladder. 
  • Phytosterols which help block cholesterol absorption in the intestines. 
  • A dynamic fiber duo oat beta-glucan and glucomannan bind with the toxic excretions to prevent reabsorption back  into the body. This unique fiber blend moves the toxins through the intestines to be eliminated.

           This is an extremely convenient cleanse—even the fiber is tucked inside of the vegetarian capsule!

Give your liver a reward.
The liver does a lot for us, but doesn’t get much reward in return. But adding Complete Liver Cleanse to your regimen can give your liver the love it so richly deserves.


Published September 16, 2010
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