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3 Rules of Cleansing

Being on a cleanse may seem like a new path, but you can (and should) be comfortable, too. Just keeping a few things in mind, like these 3 guidelines, can make the experience much more enjoyable and help you feel rejuvenated – the way you want to be.
  1. Let go of the Joe
    When you start a cleanse, you don’t have to go completely caffeine free, but it’s not a bad idea, either. At the very least, ditch the extra-sugary latte during the next two weeks. The sweeteners and extra fats are not helpful during a cleanse.

    Green tea makes a great coffee substitute, but if you haven’t had it before, it can take some getting used to. If you’re not a tea drinker (and don’t plan to become one) stick with coffee; just dial it back and keep it black.
  2. Kick back and relax
    When you’re on a cleanse, plan to lighten up on vigorous exercise. The laxative formula and fiber may have you visiting the bathroom more often than you’re used to. Plus, your dietary routine and caffeine intake will be different than usual, and you may simply feel like moving at a slower pace.

    This doesn’t mean you should just lie around the house. It just means that if you jog, take a walk. If you normally have an intensive workout, consider basic stretching exercises, or beginning yoga. Meditation and deep breathing are options, too. They can help you reduce stress to pull back from a hectic day.
  3. Stay full, not hungry
    You don’t have to equate cleansing with not eating. You just have to change what you’re eating a bit. For meats, chicken, turkey and lamb are some of the best choices for protein.

    Beans are another great source of protein, and they have the added benefit of fiber. They make a nutritious meat substitute that’s easy on the budget. Your supermarket should have a wide variety available, so you can have fun experimenting. Consider Red, White, Navy, Fava, Garbanzo and Kidney beans.

    One other often ignored group of foods are greens. You don’t have to limit yourself to iceberg lettuce and have “boring” salads to round out your meals. Consider kale, spinach and romaine for starters, and work through the produce section. Greens are a good way to boost your nutrient intake, and the fiber in greens will make you feel more satisfied.
A cleanse can be a challenge, but it should be one that leaves you feeling rejuvenated. When you’re on a cleanse, you’re taking a break from the ordinary. And whether you’re making that first step down a path to a better life, or just feel like switching up your routine, you may be surprised to find a whole new you waiting ahead.
Published September 10, 2010
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