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Clearing up 4 cleanse myths.

A good natural cleanse should include supplements that gently work with your body to promote its natural ability to detoxify itself. It’s the difference between helping your body to detoxify and forcing your body to do so.

But, let’s take a look at how different Whole Body Cleanse™ complete 10-day cleansing system is from some other, slightly bizarre, and probably unhealthy cleanses. In fact, there are some things about cleanses that simply don’t apply when using Whole Body Cleanse:

  • Myth #1: A cleanse means no food.
    Actually, you’ll probably be adding things to your diet. All you have to give up is the stuff you probably know isn’t good for you anyway—refined breads and sugars, processed and cured meats, and excessive caffeine, and ‘drive-thru’ dinners. But what you get in return is wonderful; fresh fruits and veggies, hardy, whole-grain breads, lean, home-cooked meats, and a healthier perspective. Think of it as getting reacquainted with real food again. You’ll feel more energetic, refreshed, and better overall.

    Avoid those cleanses where you don’t get to eat anything, or you only get miniscule amounts of calories from bizarre sources. Any cleanse that demands that you should stop eating whole, healthy foods is not a path to rejuvenation. It’s just a road to frustration.

    With Whole Body Cleanse, you’ll get a great updated cleansing guide that features meal plans and a shopping guide with great suggestions that can help you get started. And, you can check back to this web site often for more recipes and healthy eating tips, too.

  • Myth #2: A cleanse means no energy.
    Not really. You might move in a “slower gear” at first, but only because you’re finally stepping off of the tightly wound caffeine trap of sugary coffee drinks and soda. You’ll probably be surprised at how much focus you’ll develop by relying on nutrients for your brain power and other “get up and go” factors. In fact, by the end of a cleanse, you’ll most likely feel lighter and more energized.
  • Myth #3: A cleanse means no fun & running to the bathroom.
    Reality: Not true. For the next 10 days - and we hope beyond that, too - you’ll be exploring new recipes, getting back to some enjoyable basic exercise (how does a relaxing walk sound?), and feeling in tune with body and spirit again.

    And, while you may experience some changes in bathroom habits, a cleanse shouldn’t have you running for the nearest toilet, either. (Which is definitely no fun.)

  • Myth #4: A colon cleanse is all you ever need.
    There’s nothing wrong with supporting colon health. In fact, some people prefer to address that concern daily, rather than as a “cleanse.” And that’s okay, too. But, you are not your colon. When you’re looking for whole body rejuvenation, choose a cleanse that addresses the whole you.

Bottom Line Reality: A cleanse helps you reconnect with life

A good cleanse is a realignment with what’s healthy in life—a healthy diet, a chance to slow down a bit from our too fast, overly-processed lifestyle, and a 10 day break that gives your body a chance to rid itself of the things that build up over time.

Published November 15, 2011
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