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Good fiber isn’t just for good digestion
Our Whole Body Cleanse™ internal cleansing system†, Simple Cleanse, Whole Body Yeast Balance™ triple-action internal cleansing system† and Quick Renewal™ comfortable cleansing system supplements include a fiber component to absorb and eliminate toxins.  Fiber grabs toxins as they move through the intestines, trapping them for easy elimination.†  It’s a crucial component in any cleanse program. Unfortunately, not every company includes fiber as part of their cleanse, which makes you wonder why they’d have you follow their program to begin with. After all, without fiber, the very things you’re trying to get rid of could wind up being reabsorbed.
It’s not just any fiber in our Cleanses:
The fiber you get in our Cleanses uses True Dispersion™ Technology. That means that whether your fiber is in capsule or drink mix form, it dissolves completely. Then, it gently cleans from the inside, pushing toxins out of your system.† 

Don’t settle for substandard fiber
It’s not enough to add any run-of-the-mill fiber to a cleanse. Some fiber supplements actually turn into semi-solid “slugs” that may not fully dissolve in the digestive tract. To be truly effective, fiber needs to “spread out” in the intestines. As it pushes through the digestive tract, it “scrubs” the toxins away from the inside of the intestinal walls. That’s why it’s important to make sure you’re getting the fiber that really goes to work right away, with True Dispersion™ Technology.

Check out our Cleanse products that feature True Dispersion Technology:
Published November 23, 2010
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