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3 Things That Can Set Off Your Digestive System

We all have episodes of digestive discomfort, occasions when bloating, gas, constipation, and more rule the day. Why does it happen? Well, the reasons are probably as varied as are the shapes of the stomachs (and the people they’re attached to) all around us. Nonetheless, here are the 3 biggies:

  1. Travel
    Travel for work or for fun, and your meals are still pretty unpredictable. Plus, you’re probably sampling a few things that are out of the ordinary, which brings us to…number 2.

  2. Food
    Our taste buds and digestive systems get used to certain foods. While variety is the spice of life, if you usually stick to a few foods but then suddenly veer into unknown gastronomic territory, there could be occasional discomfort ( to put it politely). When traveling, this can be especially tough to do, so consider probiotic supplements as essential carry-along gear.

  3. An out of the ordinary schedule
    If you remember being a kid during summer evenings, it never seemed fair if you had to go inside when it wasn’t even dark yet. Of course, we know that it really isn’t fair. After all, summer doesn’t last long, and we all want to get as much as possible from each beautiful day. Watching TV or sitting inside can wait until winter nights. But all of this activity comes with a price. It changes the timing of your body’s systems. And, since it does stay light later, the temptation push dinner back and watch the fireflies spiral around your yard means you may have food digesting later, too. Many times, this can affect healthy sleep as well.

A few ways to avoid the results of oddball schedules and diets is to try – as much as practicable – to rein in the later meals, go easy and stick to your digestive support system of probiotics and digestive enzymes. When choosing what to eat just mosey on up to the buffet table or the grill – mix it up with a few familiar items, and a few foods that are new. Moderation might not sound exciting, but it sure beats an episode of um…discomfort…that could ruin the rest of your night.

Published February 02, 2012
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