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Comparing Digestive Enzymes

In a previous article we answered the question what are digestive enzymes and discussed their role in turning the ordinary food we eat, into the building blocks our body needs. But how do you know if you need them? And  most importantly, with all the different types available, which type is right for you? 

There are many reasons why people take digestive enzymes, the biggest reasons being if you experience occasional digestive discomfort, have a sensitive stomach, or suffer from gluten sensitivities, digestive enzymes could provide the relief you’re looking for. By assisting your body with the breakdown of food and nutrients, digestive enzymes will provide you with the relief from gas, bloating and occasional indigestion.

We offer 5 unique digestive enzyme supplements to help you achieve digestive wellness. Use this comparison chart to find which is right for you.
  Mega-Zyme® CompleteGest® CompleteGest® 40+ Renew Acid-Ease® Gluten DefenseTM
Perfect if you need... A powerful enzyme blend with added anti-inflammatory benefits A vegetarian alternative to a porcine-derived enzyme. A vegetarian alternative and additional support for digesting wheat and dairy. Support for a sensitive stomach. A formula that targets gluten sensitivities
Contains: MAX-strength pancreatic enzymes plus trypsin and papain. 100% plant-based enzymes 100% plant-based enzymes plus lipase and lactase to help digest wheat and dairy. A combination of digestive enzymes & herbs including: slippery elm & marshmallow root. DPP IV (dipeptidyl peptidase), amylase and lipase.
Helps with: Occasional gas and bloating and support for the body's natural anti-inflammatory response. Complete digestion of all types of nutrients including carbs, protein and fats. Occasional gas, bloating, heartburn, constipation and loose stools. Occasional heartburn, stomach upset and acid indigestion. Digesting hidden gluten, casein, fats, fiber, carbs and protein that cause occasional gas and bloating.
Product Highlights: The highest potency pancreatic enzyme complex available. Enzymes are active across a broad pH range in the digestive tract. Fine-tuned to suit the diet and digestive needs common in adults past their thirties A gentle, clinically-studied formula that helps "cool the burn". Provides 25% more protein-digesting activity than the leading competitor.
Published August 31, 2011
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