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Digestion: Occasional Constipation

Why won't this food go anywhere?
Why do I still feel so full?

Sometimes the food you eat just won't budge. Worse yet, if you live a sedentary lifestyle occasional constipation seems like a fact of life.

It doesn't have to be. Naturally, the best remedy for occasional constipation is to boost your fiber intake and daily exercise levels. Healthy digestion really isn't a mystery, even though it seems like it sometimes. The way our digestive system moves food through the intestines is a pushing activity called peristalsis. Even a walk around the block helps peristalsis keep food moving through our system.

However, if you have a sedentary life (and many of us do) you're more likely to experience occasional constipation. Beyond exercise, fibrous foods (whole grains, fruits, nuts, and vegetables) and supplemental fiber to your daily regimen can help.

Fiber "bulks" the material in our intestines. It fills up the intestines and acts as another signal to increase peristalsis. Remember to drink plenty of water when you boost your fiber intake, or you may experience more instances of occasional constipation, rather less.

Laxative supplements--especially those with non-stimulant ingredients--are always an option to get your system started again now and then.

 = recommended for daily use
 = take as extra support or when needed


Fiber Fusion PLUS™ daily cleansing fiber† Great tasting, non-gritty, psyllium fiber mix (capsule or drink mix) that promotes and maintains regularity†
Acidophilus Pearls™ active cultures Beneficial bacteria relieve abdominal discomfort and promote regular bowel movements†
Mega-Zyme® systemic enzymes†, CompleteGest®† digestive enzymes† Digestive enzymes are needed to break down, process and deliver the nutrients in food to help us maintain good health.† In the interest of health (and an enjoyable meal without occasional digestive woes), there's no shame in taking digestive enzymes.†
Laxative-3-Blend™ dietary supplement Relieves occasional constipation...safely, effectively, and naturally†
Published November 23, 2010
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