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3 Must-Have Herbal Energizers

Need an extra boost, but don't want to be stuck to a cup of coffee or can of soda? Try these 3 must-have herbal energizers and put some bounce in your step!

  1. Energize at Night!
    We build up some of our best energy when we're not even awake. Sleep is the great recharger of our natural batteries. Getting a good night's sleep can be tough, even if you're officially putting in the "hours" about 6-8 per night, they may not be restful. The next morning still comes too soon. Stress is the usual culprit when we can't relax enough to drift off to sleep. It can start a cycle of drowsy, but over-caffeinated days that prevent real, re-invigorating rest at night.

    Sleep Tonight™ stress-reducing sleep aid can help you put stress to rest†.
    The herbs in this formula have been clinically shown to reduce levels of cortisol - a major stress hormone - and support your body's relaxation response.†

    Chances are that once you experience restful sleep, everything else will seem better, too. You'll be able to reclaim the kind of energy that may have been missing for a while. It is sure to be a happy reunion.
  2. Put Down that Cup!
    So, what about those times when even restful sleep isn't enough? You don't have to reach for multiple cups of coffee - just bring along Rhodiola Energy™† herbal extract.

    Rhodiola Energy™† herbal extract is a caffeine-free herbal extract that helps you energize and stay sharp naturally.†  The plus side? No caffeine-like jitters to rattle your day.

    What is rhodiola? Officially known as Rhodiola rosea it is an amazing herb that has been used for centuries to combat fatigue, increase physical strength and enhance mental stamina.†

    In Rhodiola Energy™, we use a standardized extract that features 3% rosavins - the same clinically-studied level shown to increase energy and improve the body's ability to cope with internal and external stresses.† You know, just like the kinds you can face every day.
  3. Start Rockin' with Maca.
    If you're looking for a personal "alternative energy source" to jump start your day, consider an herbal newcomer to American shores - maca.†

    While it may be new to us, maca has been a time-tested source of energy and mental clarity in the Andes since 3800 B.C., so it has great record of support.† Developed with Medicine Hunter, Chris Kilham, Maca-Tru™ energizing tablets harnesses the power of the Andes to help fuel your busy days.† Just one tablet gives you the "go power" you need to meet the challenges ahead, head on.
Published March 04, 2010
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