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3 Tips for Restful Sleep and Better Energy

1. Cut back on caffeine.
Skip caffeinated drinks after lunch. The caffeine may not add to your ability to work better and faster—it might just make you feel more stressed and unfocused. Plus, it can keep you just awake enough at night to prevent your mind from calming and relaxing.

Go with water instead. The “original refresher” is the best bet to staying awake, sharp, and focused for the rest of the workday.

2. Quit the sugar.
Sweeteners can give an artificial energy boost that either leaves you wanting more later, or simply leaves you feeling more tired. Fruits, while having natural sugars, also have fiber and other nutrients. Unlike refined, sweetened foods, they contribute to healthy energy rather than lessen it.

3. Keep drinks in their place.
Relying on a glass of wine or beer to help you relax at night may not be the best choice. You may feel like you’re moving at a slightly slower speed physically, but the alcohol can actually make you more restless as you try to drift off.

Published January 14, 2010
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