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Being Healthy Begins Every Day

After the long, hazy days of summer, you may be thinking about getting back into a routine again that helps make each day its best. Fall is a good time for that. The weather becomes crisp, and with it, your perspective becomes clear. You want to be healthy.

The thing is, good health doesn't have to be a far-off goal. It can start each morning with very slight adjustments to your routine.

Get a Good Night's Sleep
Good mornings begin with good sleep, and for many of us, good sleep is in short supply.

This is unfortunate, because sleep is the great recharger of our natural batteries. Getting a good night's sleep, at least 6 to 8 hours per night, doesn't always help if your sleep isn't deep enough to be refreshing.

Stress is the usual culprit when we can't relax enough to drift off to sleep. For many of us, it starts a spiral of drowsy, yet over-caffeinated, days that prevent re-invigorating rest at night.

Putting away stressful thoughts can be difficult. They're intrusive, and creep up when you least expect them.

Reflect on what's Right
Every morning, spend a couple of minutes setting your priorities. That is, thinking about what you're grateful for and what you look forward to the most. For instance, what are the 5 things you are most happy about or look forward to? (Having more than 5 is just fine, even encouraged!)

Meditate, pray, reflect - whatever it takes to get mentally on track for the day. By starting off like this, and returning to these thoughts throughout the day when necessary, you develop a habit of "productive daydreaming" that can help feel less stressed out.

Of course, sometimes you just want help getting to sleep, but don't feel like being groggy the next day.† There is a supplement for you.

Sleep Tonight™ stress-reducing sleep aid can help you put that stress to rest.† The herbs in this formula have been clinically shown to reduce levels of cortisol, a major stress hormone, and support your body's relaxation response.† You'll be better able to start a cycle of energetic, positive days which will help you sleep at night, too.†

Get that All-Important Meal - Breakfast
It truly is the most important meal of the day. If you're planning to lose weight, don't do it at the expense of eating breakfast. You'll just set yourself up for ravenous snacking before or during lunch, and probably feel more tired after that, to boot. Generally speaking, people tend to gain more weight when they skip breakfast. You're just not doing your physical or mental health any favors by not eating in the morning.

Take a Multivitamin
Take a multivitamin and mineral supplement. Of course, healthy foods are always the preferred way of getting your nutrients, but a full-powered multivitamin helps fill in any gaps your diet may not cover. Remember, not every multivitamin is the same. Although they may list similar ingredients, beyond that, the differences are great.

Get Out and have some Fun
Clearing the mind with exercise sounds easy, but clearing the calendar to work it into a busy schedule isn't. In fact, better to not even think of it as "exercise." Do something fun instead that just happens to burn calories and bad thoughts. Take a walk with a friend, go on a bike ride, explore a local garden or park, and in general, enjoy. Think of it as meditation without the sitting still part.

Be Active, Naturally
Of course, sometimes remembering how we felt after the last round of exercise prevents us from being active with the gusto we'd like. For a better way to reduce post-exercise stiffness and muscle soreness, try FlexAgility™ MAX dietary supplement.† It provides natural ingredients that enhance your body's own anti-inflammatory abilities, so you'll feel like getting back out there more often!†

Get into a Healthy Routine, it really can become a Routine
Being healthy shouldn't be something you put off to some far point in the future, but something you feel every day, starting right now. Ultimately, you want being healthy to become a habit, but the kind you'll feel like indulging in every day. Don't worry if you're not always eating the diet of champions. But there's no reason that tomorrow, or today even, can't be the day you decide to be the healthy and happy person you may have been hiding within.

Published March 10, 2010
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