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Naturally Restore Your Vitality

Feeling vital and energetic can be tough. Whether our full schedules include strenuous jobs, a busy social life, shepherding kids, or some combination of all three, summoning enough energy to get through a day can feel exhausting in itself.

Healthy food and exercise should always be your first stop for good daily energy, but demanding schedules can derail even the best-laid diet. Too often, we use soft drinks and coffee as a substitute for real energy. While these might do the trick in the short term, they’re not good for our overall moods or our waistlines.

When you need an energy boost, don’t fall back on bad habits—get some help in your corner with the Fatigued to Fantastic!®† line of products, developed by energy expert and author, Jacob Teitelbaum, M.D.†

Dr. Teitelbaum based the Fatigued to Fantastic!† line of supplements on his own research, and his own experiences. He understands how important daily energy is, physically and psychologically.

Start your engines right
One of the core products of the line is the Fatigued to Fantastic!® Energy Revitalization System™†.

This improved formulation of the Fatigued to Fantastic!® Daily Energy Enfusion™ includes B vitamins right in the drink mix! That’s important, because B vitamins need to be replenished daily, especially when you’re under stress and your body uses them up rapidly. The B12 and other B vitamins support vitality, enhance endurance, and help you maintain mental alertness – something anyone can feel good about.
Of course, there’s more to the story than B vitamins. Each delicious flavor of the Daily Energy Enfusion, Berry Splash or Tropical Citrus, provides additional vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. The amino acids in the Fatigued to Fantastic! Daily Energy Enfusion† come from whey protein, one of the best, most complete sources. Readily used by the body, amino acids provide long-lasting energy to get you through the day.
Plus, this supplement is easy to use—just mix one scoop (or a half scoop if you’d like to divide it up during the day) of the Daily Energy Enfusion with water, your favorite juice, or mix it up with yogurt. As a morning or lunch-time boost, it’s convenient for anybody on the go.
Get a good night’s rest
Probably the best way to have an energetic day is by getting a good night’s sleep. After all, the old advice of “sleeping before making a decision” (a rarity for most these days) came about because our sensibility is different and more rational after we rest.

But, getting to sleep—and staying asleep—without feeling groggy the next day is tough for many. Because Dr. Teitelbaum recognized that sleep is such an important (and underrated) component good daily energy, there is the Fatigued to Fantastic!® Revitalizing Sleep Formula†. This combination of herbal extracts plus L-Theanine help you feel relaxed to fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up energized—with no “sleep hangover” the next day.

When you get a good night’s sleep, you feel recharged, ready to face the day, and much less likely to let everyday stresses get to you.

Say goodbye to stress

If stress is still a lingering presence, consider Fatigued to Fantastic!® Adrenal Stress-End™† energizing stress formula†. It provides essential nutrients to support adrenal gland function.

The reason that’s important is because the adrenal glands secrete hormones (you’ve probably heard of the most famous, adrenaline) that help maintain the balance of many body functions during stress. When your adrenal glands are working properly, stress is no big deal. Your body maintains a natural equilibrium that helps you navigate challenges with ease.

But too much stress, too often, puts us into a “fight or flight” mode that triggers adrenal burnout and a strong desire to get away from it all—usually by devouring our favorite comfort foods. The combination of vitamins, nutrients, and adrenal extracts in Fatigued to Fantastic! Adrenal Stress-End can help you stay energized, even on the most stressful days.

Made to work together to help you keep it together
Each of the products listed here is designed to work together as a complete system. You can use the components as you require them to help you feel vital and energetic. And, for even more information, check out Dr. Teitelbaum’s Energy Protocol.

Published July 14, 2010
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