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Pump Some Iron Into Your Workout

If you’re an active woman, you can lose iron fast. Ultimate Iron—containing readily absorbed heme iron—can help boost energy and red blood cell levels, too.†

Not just in terms of winter weight—it may not even be an issue for you. The big thing to ask yourself is, are your muscles getting all the air they need?

After all, that’s what red blood cells do. They carry much needed O2 around the body, especially to muscle tissue in motion. But to do that, blood needs iron. But if you’re an active woman--and of childbearing age—guess what? You could be burning through your body’s stores of iron very quickly.

Ultimate Iron can help.
Heme iron—the kind the body craves
It provides readily absorbed heme iron—the kind you could get from iron-rich sources like red meat, poultry, and fish—but without the heavy menu.

The name “heme iron” comes from the word “hemoglobin” the protein in red blood cells that delivers oxygen around the body. Without enough iron, blood can't carry oxygen effectively. Since every cell in the body relies on oxygen, proper iron levels are extremely important.

Sure, there are non-animal—non-heme—sources of iron available, but they’re not as well absorbed by the body. Heme iron has it beat by a mile—it’s about 33% more absorbable than non-heme sources, and without the unwelcome effects of non-heme sources, like occasional constipation.

Liver like you haven’t had it
For many, liver is an acquired taste. With Ultimate Iron, you don’t have to taste it. The supplement provides liquid liver fractions that give you another source of naturally-occurring iron.

Other ingredients help you get a move on:

Ultimate Iron isn’t just about iron. We’ve added a few other ingredients that help you get the most from your workout.

  • Vitamin B12 and folate support cellular energy production and the formation of red blood cells.† 
  • Vitamin C generally gets put into an “immune support” box, but it also may reduce sore muscles and oxidative stress due to strenuous workouts.† And, it helps the body absorb and transport iron, too.†
  • Chlorophyll, that energy-producing food seen in green leaves everywhere is often—if not accurately—called the “iron of plants”. However, foods rich in chlorophyll have been linked with increasing hemoglobin content.†

Join the Ultimate Iron Age

Make those workouts work for you. Supply your muscles with the oxygen they need to get you around the track or just around your neighborhood with Ultimate Iron.† It replenishes the iron vital for the energy and stamina that makes the difference between going the distance or a walk in the park .†
Published June 16, 2010
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