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Energy: Dr. Teitelbaum's Energy Protocol†

The Dr. Teitelbaum Energy Protocol may be just what you're looking for. A protocol is simply another word for "plan," and describes how to carry out an action. Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, a recognized energy expert, has designed the following protocol--an easy plan for you to follow--and developed products specifically to reduce fatigue and increase energy. 

Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum's Energy Protocol focuses on these key areas:
  • Balanced nutrient intake--essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids
  • Refreshing sleep without morning grogginess
  • Stress-reduction and immune system health
  • Relief of muscle pain and inflammation due to occasional overuse
One of the best things about this protocol is that each supplement addresses a specific concern, but they can all be taken together as part of one system, too. In fact, that's how Dr. Teitelbaum developed them. We're confident that by using these products together, you will be on your way from fatigued to fantastic!

Of course, one system doesn't necessarily fit all. If you're looking for additional suggestions, please see our related Health Guides on Daily Energy, Sleep, and Stress, which list other supplements that address these concerns as well.

See also: Daily Energy, Sleep, Stress


Fatigued to Fantastic!® Energy Revitalization System™ dietary supplement This ultimate-strength formula contains high levels of magnesium, B-vitamins, minerals, amino acids, malic acid and other powerhouse nutrients essential for everyone who wants optimal energy!†  A easy to use, daily drink mix in two delicious flavors.
Fatigued to Fantastic!® Revitalizing Sleep Formula restful sleep blend

A combination of herbal ingredients that promote muscle relaxation and natural sleep patterns. Fall asleep faster and wake up energized!

Fatigued to Fantastic!® Adrenal Stress End™ energizing stress formula Supplies the necessary nutrients to support adrenal gland function, to  help you stay calm and energized throughout even the most stressful day.
Fatigued to Fantastic!® End Pain™ supplement For the relief of occasional muscle pain due to overuse.† Contains highly effective, clinically studied ingredients to help you get back to your daily activities.

Published September 28, 2009
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