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A natural solution to working through stress

We all go through times of stress. Whether you’re worried about things at work, concerned about your best friend’s health, or have anxieties of the economy, it’s tough to feel prepared for difficult times. But, this is precisely when you can’t let stress get toxic. Whole Body Stress Cleanse™ 10-day renewal system is made for those times.
Stress creates toxins.
Stress creates toxins. Not just emotionally “toxic” responses to situations at work or home, but actual toxins in your body. Whole Body Stress Cleanse can help clear out those stress-induced toxins, and help you get the rest you need, naturally, for a better perspective for the days ahead.

Two kinds of stress protection
Whole Body Stress Cleanse provides two formulas that address stress on two fronts:
1.      To protect your body from free-radicals during the day
2.      To help your mind relax at night
Defeat daytime stress
No matter what, free radical damage brought on by oxygen, is just a fact of life. While we all need oxygen (just try holding your breath for a long time – on second thought, don’t do that…) but it creates unstable molecules that steal electrons from the tissues around them. They’re simply trying to balance out, but in the process they damage other stable cellular structures. To protect against this “oxidative stress”, we need antioxidants.
The Purifying Cleanse Formula in Whole Body Stress Cleanse provides something called “high-ORAC” antioxidant power. Simply put, it’s strong stuff. In case you’re wondering, ORAC is an acronym that stands for “Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity”, and is simply a measurement of antioxidant activity of nutrients.
Relax at night
At night, Cortisol Modifying Formula helps your body relax, rebuild, and reenergize while you sleep. Cortisol is frequently called the “stress hormone,” because it’s released by the body as part of our “fight or flight” response during tense situations. In a few cases, that’s okay. Reacting to certain kinds of stress the right way, and quickly, can save lives – maybe even your own. But problems really happen when we start reading every situation as a major challenge. We lose our sense of perspective, feel jittery and wired, and often can’t relax enough to drift off to sleep at night.
The Cortisol Modifying Formula, (just one tablet at bedtime) contains L-theanine plus herbal ingredients that reduce cortisol levels to help you relax naturally. It promotes a natural sleep cycle that so you get the rest you need. Of course, these nighttime benefits extend into the next day, too. We all know that refreshing sleep is the best energizer. It makes everything seem better.
You will work through this. Whole Body Stress Cleanse can help.
Take a breath. Things will get better. The problem with anxieties and fears is that even when they seem reasonable at the time, they usually just drag us down. When you’re feeling like you need to cleanse the stress from your life, stop and take a moment to reflect. Seek the support you need from those who will listen. Forget the comfort foods, the noise, and the distractions. Simply rest and begin enjoying your life again. And if it seems right, let Whole Body Stress Cleanse be a part of this, too.
Published September 13, 2010
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