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Keeping Stress from Taking Over

An overflowing inbox. An over-stuffed hamper. (There’s only so many times those pants can be worn without washing them). In-laws coming. We all have times when stress seems to overshadow everything else. It doesn’t have to. Need to find a few escape routes? No problem. Just consider these tips:

  • Walk away (stress).
    Mild exercise like walking is such a great way to pass the time that it ought to be considered an art form in its own category. Taking a walk after dinner can be a joyful opportunity to reconnect with the universe, especially in the fall.
  • Enroll in a class. 
    You may be thinking, “Look, I have enough deadlines already,” but taking a class in a subject you really love and just want to know more about can do wonders for your outlook. It doesn’t have to be for any particular reason. It doesn’t have to do anything to further your career. It just has to make you feel like you’re using a part of your brain that you may have ignored for a while. Plus, a class gets you back out there with other people that you might not get to know otherwise.
  • Turn off the television. 
    Let’s face it; the loud, quick edit commercials, the endless (and unchanging) news headlines, and the general lack of good programming can make a night of “relaxing” in front of the set anything but. Put on some calming music. Pick up that novel you’ve wanted to read. Getting caught in the TV cycle can be just as stressful as driving through busy traffic. But, the difference is, you can turn off the TV.
  • Consider some natural support, too.
    There’s nothing wrong with letting a supplement do a little of the lifting now and then. Holy Basil Trinity Blend™ stress management formula can provide natural benefits to reduce your stress levels and help you feel relaxed and energized again.

Stretching exercises for body and mind
Stretching your muscles and your mind can go a long way to relieving occasional stress. It can help you relax and reset your expectations for the day. Having a few healthy escape hatches ensures you have a lot of good things going on in your life. It can help you stay in shape physically, and provide your mind with more than the list of “must-get-done” that can be so easy to carry in your head. Find out how with Yoga at Your Desk
Published September 02, 2010
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