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Heart: Blood Sugar†

How can I maintain healthy blood sugar levels?†**

The main source of energy in the body is actually from a sugar called glucose. When we digest food, it is broken down into glucose that travels through the bloodstream and into our cells, where we use it for energy. In fact, you may have heard of The Glycemic Index, which is a way of measuring how quickly different carbohydrates are converted into glucose, and their impact on blood glucose levels.

If you have concerns about blood sugar - especially regarding glucose and insulin, choose Doctor's Choice™ for Glucose Regulation.† If you have concerns about carb cravings and afternoon "crashes", Sweet Defense™ sugar craving manager is an excellent choice.† And, supplementing with one of our fiber and coenzyme Q10 products are also great ways to support healthy blood sugar metabolism.†

**Healthy blood sugar levels already within normal limits

= recommended for daily use
= take as extra support or when needed


Doctor's Choice™ for Diabetics† Provides key nutrients and traditional botanicals to support an optimal insulin response and promote healthy blood sugar metabolism.† Use in combination with a Doctor's Choice™ daily multivitamin.
Sweet Defense™ sugar craving manager† Reduces sugar cravings - provides nutrients that must be present in the diet for blood glucose, carbohydrate, and energy metabolism.†
Fiber Fusion™ daily cleansing fiber†
Fiber Delights® daily fiber
Research has shown that by slowing the absorption of glucose (sugar) and carbohydrates, soluble fiber supports the maintenance of healthy glucose levels that are already within the normal range.†
SMART Q10™ CoQ10
ActivLife Q10™ ubiquinol
Supports blood sugar metabolism/management.† When taking coenzyme Q10 for blood sugar support, a higher dosage (100-200 mg daily of coQ10 or 50-100 mg daily of ubiquinol) is suggested.†
Published February 26, 2010
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