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Discover how you can support healthy cholesterol levels already within normal limits.

Cholesterol is probably one of the most confusing heart-related subjects out there. But if you think it’s all bad, think again. What people are really concerned with when they think about cholesterol is the balance and type of cholesterol.

Diet and exercise. Got it. The ideal multivitamin. Already there. But is there anything else you might be missing? Check out these three top choices that are easy to add to your regimen.

Here are 5 ingredient ideas that can help you show your heart how much you care.

Looking for a natural way to boost your HDL?

Need specific support for heart health? You’ve got it! The Heart Matters suite includes Artery Advantage™† circulatory support†, BP Manager™† supplement, Cholesterol Shield™† phytosterol blend, and HDL Booster®† supplement, each targeted to your concerns.

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