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3 Choco-Rific Choices for Your Health

You’ve heard about the health benefits of chocolates, but might not be willing to ingest the extra fat and sugars that come along for the ride. No problem, we have supplements that satisfy your sweet tooth, plus your heart, mind, and digestion, too…
  1. SMART Q10™ CoQ10 This CoQ10 supplement is good for your head and your heart (after all, that’s why it’s “smart.”†)

    Each chocolate-flavored tablet of SMART Q10 provides 100 mg of the world most clinically-studied CoQ10.** These delicious chewable tablets have a rich, creamy taste that makes it tough to limit yourself to just one. But, what a great way to replenish the CoQ10 that can naturally diminish with age.† And, CoQ10 helps keep the heart strong and efficient at pumping blood through the body, keeps the arteries flexible, and supports healthy blood circulation.† Plus, research indicates that higher levels of CoQ10 supplementation have a significant effect on the support of neurological health.† Truly a smart choice for your next chocolate treat!

  2. Fiber Delights® daily fiber If you’re like most of us, you probably don’t get the fiber you need from your diet. Most American adults should get between 25 and 35 grams. Most of us actually get half that much at best.

    Fiber Delights satisfies your cocoa craze and provides your fiber fix at the same time. In fact, the chocolatey goodness of Fiber Delights is perfect at that point in the afternoon when snack cravings are at their worst. Go ahead and indulge! Fiber has a way of filling you up and fending off feelings of hunger.

    Of course fiber is not just about feeling full. The oat bran and inulin fibers that make up the bulk of Fiber Delights are soluble and insoluble fibers, so they gently scrub your intestines and capture (but not release) toxins, too.† Plus, fiber supports digestive regularity and healthy cholesterol levels already within normal limits, so it’s helping your body in many ways.† And did we mention it’s chocolate flavored?

  3. DGL ULTRA: stomach support never tasted better If you’ve been noticing an unwelcome difference in your digestion, just remember three letters: D – G – L.

    Well, maybe 8 letters, if you include U – L – T – R – A.

     When you wish your stomach was a little stronger, DGL ULTRA is the best-tasting digestion support you’ve ever experienced. In fact, you may wonder, “isn’t there supposed to be licorice in this?”

    There is, but you won’t taste it.

    If you’ve ever been put off of DGL supplements in the past, you won’t be any longer. DGL ULTRA is so tasty, that you might start to think of it as a snack rather than a supplement.

    The German Chocolate flavor was taste tested right here at Enzymatic Therapy®. The results told us we were on to something—it was tough to keep associates away from the Product Development lab!

    How does DGL do it? Not the way you’d expect

    DGL does not suppress gastric acid—that’s just not the way it works. Instead, it stimulates increased mucous production (which sounds yuckier than it really is) and boosts blood supply to the mucosa—the lining in the stomach.† This 10:1 extract is potent, too, so you’ll notice beneficial effects right away.†

Try the “Bottles of Chocolates” approach
It may be the “box of chocolates” season, but consider getting your chocolate fix from these supplements instead. It’s a smarter, healthier approach, but oh so delicious!

**Independent, peer-reviewed published studies.
Published March 04, 2010
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