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Catch the benefits of Eskimo-3® natural stable fish oil

You’ve probably heard that eating cold water fish or taking fish oil supplements is one of those things you’re supposed to do, but wondered why. Turns out, there are some good reasons.
Eskimo-3® natural stable fish oil makes it easy. 
Most of us—even on the healthiest of diets—don’t get the omega-3 fatty acids we really need, unless you’re eating 3 servings of cold water fish a week. But that doesn’t mean you have to forgo the benefits. Eskimo-3, available in liquid or capsule form, makes it easy.
Reasons to add Eskimo-3 to your day.
·         Eskimo-3 helps keep arteries flexible and maintains healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels that are already within the normal range.†
·         Eskimo-3 is clinically studied -- over 100 published clinical studies and research papers. Many of these studies show that the omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil help support memory, a healthy mood, and healthy skin.
·         Eskimo-3 can help support your summer workouts.
Support your summer workouts.
You want to swim, walk, run – to get out there and exercise – but you find it tough to keep a schedule because you occasionally overdo it. What you need is help from our friends from under the sea—the omega-3s found in Eskimo-3.
Reduce your O2 demand.
The body needs oxygen to work properly, but too much can cause oxidative stress that damages your cells. This is a big concern during exercise, especially for what’s known as “skeletal muscle tissue” – muscles you use when swimming, hiking, or jogging. The polyunsaturated fatty acids – the “good fats” – in fish oil can reduce the amount of oxygen your skeletal muscle tissues require during exercise, but don’t seem to affect performance.†1

Omega-3’s are worth catching.
Sometimes we don’t always have the time for fish or enjoy the taste. But there are good reasons to get your daily Omega-3’s with Eskimo-3 fish oil. It’s the easiest catch you’ll make, and one you’ll appreciate.
1. Peoples GE, McLennan PL, Howe PR, Groeller H. Fish oil reduces heart rate and oxygen consumption during exercise. J Cardiovasc Pharmacol. 2008 Dec;52(6):540-7
Published May 11, 2010
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