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Fiber is in love with your heart!

Most of the time, the advice around fiber has a “digestion” vibe. But, like all things health related, fiber’s connection is much more involved than that. Because not only does dietary fiber provide crucial support for digestive health, it supports heart health, too.†

Recent studies have focused on fiber’s support of the cardiovascular system, including supporting healthy C-reactive protein levels, healthy blood pressure levels* and healthy cholesterol levels.†*

Ideally, the fiber you get during the day should come from foods in your diet first. Think whole grains, fresh fruits, delicious mixed greens, and savory vegetables. Delicious, right?

But sometimes that’s just not a practical solution. If your schedule (or taste buds) can’t admit more fiber in your diet, consider supplementation instead. After all, most of us only get about half of the recommended fiber we really need. Running to the salad bar may not be your thing, but fiber supplementation can be tasty!

For instance, Fiber Delights® daily fiber chewable wafers are available in two delicious (and popular) flavors, chocolate and vanilla. Each wafer combines inulin and oat fibers, and the taste makes them a great way to get through a long afternoon at work.
Another option for your fiber boost  is Fiber Fusion PLUS™ daily cleansing fiber.  It’s available in capsules or, more deliciously, as drinkable powder mixes in Luscious Lemon and Incrediberry flavors. Fiber Fusion a nice line-up of ingredients, each adds its own strength to the mix:

     • Psyllium
can absorb up to 14 times its weight in water and helps lubricate the intestines, making elimination easier
       and more comfortable.† Psyllium gently “scrubs” the intestine, helping move cholesterol and toxins out of the body.†
       In one double blind, placebo-controlled study, psyllium was found beneficial in supporting healthy cholesterol 
       levels* in 39% of participants.†
     • Oat bran absorbs water in the intestine, promotes regularity, and is often identified with supporting healthy 
       cholesterol levels already within normal limits.†
     • Guar gum has the benefit of being “slippery” in the intestines, making bowel movements easier to pass.† But, in
       relation to your heart, a scientific study showed that adding guar gum to a healthy diet supported healthy cholesterol

Two remaining ingredients are more traditionally associated with digestion – but they’re still nice to have on board:

     • Pectin
is interesting because it can be used to ease both occasional constipation and loose stools.†
     • Marshmallow has a softening quality, soothing irritated membranes in the stomach and intestines and making
       elimination more comfortable.†

*Healthy blood pressure levels and healthy cholesterol levels already within the normal range.

Give your heart some fiber love.
So the next time you’re tempted to think, “Fiber’s not for me – my digestion is just fine,” remember how much your heart would appreciate a little fiber love. Either of these supplements are tasty ways to show how much you care.

Published November 23, 2010
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