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Find the Fabulous Four for Your Heart

Let’s say there were four supplements you wanted for heart support. Each focuses on a specific cardio concern. Would you be able to find them? Of course! They’re the Heart Matters suite!

Artery Advantage™† circulatory support
Artery Advantage combines ingredients you won’t always find in your daily regimen, including vitamin K2, garlic, and pomegranate.
  • The vitamin K2 from natto helps put valuable calcium from the bloodstream into the bones.
  • Fresh garlic extract that activates when it reaches your small intestine, and helps support healthy cholesterol levels.†**
  • Pomegranate enhances circulation to help make sure that life-giving oxygen and nutrients make it to every organ.

BP Manager supplement
BP Manager gives you the ingredients you need to maintain healthy blood pressure levels.†** These key players are: hawthorn leaf, lycopene, olive leaf extract, dandelion leaf, and stevia leaf extract.

These are trusted ingredients, each with a long history of use for heart health concerns. In a pilot study of BP Manager, impressive results were experienced in just two weeks.

HDL Booster®† supplement
Cholesterol is important for the body—we actually need it to digest fats, make hormones, and help structure our cells.

But what kind of cholesterol we have is crucial.

For that, there’s HDL Booster.

HDL Booster was formulated with Dennis Goodman, MD, FACC, and Chief of Cardiology and Medical Director of the Cardiac Treatment Center at Scripps Howard Memorial Hospital from 2002-2005. He developed HDL Booster for his patients to increase their good (HDL) cholesterol naturally.

Small changes, Big differences
It sounds small, but boosting good (HDL) cholesterol by even 1% can make a huge difference. With HDL Booster, you may see even more dramatic results: In a clinical study approved by the Scripps Independent Review Board, this combination of herbs, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, CoQ10 and policosanol increased good cholesterol levels by up to 23%. And that was just after 6 months of use—not a small improvement in the least.

Cholesterol Shield™† phytosterol blend
This unique combination includes two clinically-studied ingredients, pantethine and plant sterols, also known as “phytosterols.” These plant sterols are the “fat” of plants.

They’re so similar to the shape of cholesterol that they fit perfectly in the specially-shaped “parking spaces” that LDL-cholesterol would normally take in the intestines. Taken before a meal, phytosterols actually block cholesterol receptor sites so that cholesterol is excreted from the body rather than absorbed.

Phytosterols are proven to help reduce cholesterol. In fact, scientific evidence proves that including plant sterols in your diet helps to lower blood total and LDL cholesterol levels. Following a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, and consuming 400 mg or more of plant sterols twice a day may reduce the risk of heart disease.

Pantethine–the formula’s other ingredient–helps maintain cholesterol levels already within normal limits—but only if the amount is right. Clinical research shows we need 600 mg of pantethine per day for beneficial support.

A Suite for Your Heart
No one can love your heart like you can. It’s time to give it all the love it needs with help from Heart Matters—naturally focused supplements for targeted heart protection.

**Levels already within normal limits
Published March 11, 2010
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