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4 Supplements to Support Your Immune System†

Are you ready to provide your immune system with the support it needs? Consider these 4 supplements…

Esberitox® supercharged echinacea
When we call it supercharged, we’re serious! Esberitox is a powerful combination of two types of Echinacea plus other herbs that stimulate the production and activity of critical immune cells for natural support.

Synergy – the art of ingredients working together
“Synergy” is simply the way something works in combination. It can refer to business or economic models, or our bodies. When someone talks about “synergistic benefits” of a supplement, they essentially mean that the whole supplement is more than just the sum of its parts. When combined, these individual ingredients work in a way that the same ingredients, left alone, do not.

Esberitox, with two types of echinacea, plus the immune enhancing herbs baptisia (also known as wild indigo) and thuja (white cedar), is no exception. The formula has been used and clinically studied in Europe, especially Germany, for over 70 years.


This delicious chewable tablet can be used by the entire family, too. In fact, over 30 studies support its health benefits and safety for all ages.Not only that, but Esberitox doesn’t interfere with commonly prescribed medications, either. And, unlike some “natural immune boosters” there’s nothing gimmicky about Esberitox—it’s been a trusted, top-selling remedy in Europe for 70 years.

ViraPlex™† immune activator
ViraPlex provides a unique combination of vitamins, minerals, and natural herbal extracts—including elderberry—to help keep the immune and respiratory system running strong.

Some of the ingredients in the ViraPlex roster include:

  • Vitamin C – recognized as an immune booster. There’s nothing wrong with getting this antioxidant from fruits and veggies, but having a little extra on board in ViraPlex is great, too.
  • Mixed bioflavonoids – sourced from citrus fruits – support the immune system with natural antioxidant power.
  • Astragalus – This Chinese herb has long been respected and researched for its role in supporting immune health.
  • Zinc – This mineral is an essential. It’s been studied for its association with natural killer cell activity, important white blood cells for the immune system.
Want a great one-two punch for immune protection? Use ViraPlex with Esberitox.

Bronchial Soothe®† ivy leaf syrup
A soothing syrup can be just what you need, but many conventional options are loaded with ingredients you don’t want.

Bronchial Soothe ivy leaf syrup is different.

It relies on an extract of ivy leaf, a traditional botanical used for centuries to support bronchial health.

Modern clinical studies support its use, too. They’ve found that natural ivy extract—like that found in Bronchial Soothe, provides more effective support for lung and bronchial health compared to products made only with synthetic chemicals.

Unlike alcohol-based syrups, the natural ingredients in Bronchial Soothe provide greater levels of safety, and this non-drowsy formula is well-tolerated in children. It’s another excellent addition to your seasonal lineup.

SinuCheck® sinus formula
The time-tested ingredient at the very core of SinuCheck sinus formula is a pure form of natural eucalyptus oil extract that helps maintains healthy sinus drainage and relieves occasional irritation.

Happily, for anyone who’s tried other products and felt like they’ve needed a nap as a result, SinuCheck provides safe, non-drowsy sinus support.

Being prepared can be easy
Keep prepared – enjoy health-promoting foods, continue your regular exercise regimen as much as time and weather allows, and consider the extra boost you get with the right supplements.
Published March 04, 2010
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