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Give Your Immune System Some Muscle

Pearls Immune™ immune-strengthening formula
Did you know that some types of bacteria aren’t just good for our digestive systems, but for our immune systems as well? Introducing Pearls Immune™ immune-strengthening formula. Like our other probiotic supplements with True Delivery™ Technology, it’s The Smarter Probiotic™. But, only Pearls Immune contains an extra helper - Activ-Ferrin™ lactoferrin for advanced immune system support.

Probiotics are “pro-immune system”!
If you’ve wondered how probiotics can be so important to maintaining our overall health, consider that 70% of your immune system is in your digestive tract! In many ways, our immune system really begins with healthy digestion and assimilation of the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in the foods we eat.

Activ-Ferrin™ Lacto-what? Does it come from milk?

Lactoferrin does come from a dairy source. In fact, Activ-Ferrin™ brand lactoferrin is a highly purified bioactive protein from milk that comes from some of New Zealand’s happiest, grass-fed cows. This immune activator helps beneficial probiotics thrive and supports the body’s own anti-inflammatory response. Being protected by True Delivery™ Technology allows Activ-Ferrin to thrive, just like 4 strains of beneficial probiotics in the formula. In fact because of this, lab studies of a 2-hour exposure in a simulated stomach environment, show that Activ-Ferrin is 167 times more active—more beneficial—than other unprotected lactoferrin forms.

Why you should use Pearls Immune:
  • 4 clinically studied strains:
    We’ve selected only the best immune-strengthening probiotics for Pearls Immune™. This proprietary blend includes Lactobacillus acidophilus and plantarum, plus Bifidobacterium lactis and longum. These strains are the “heavy hitters” of digestive support and immune response. They have been clinically studied during two winter-to-spring periods—that tough transitional time. The healthy adult participants taking lactobacillus and bifidobacteria showed significant boosts in T-cell production and T-cell counts. T-cells are some of our immune-defending bodyguards. Having more of them around is a definite plus for our overall health.
  • Activ-Ferrin™—probiotics’ partner in guarding your health:
    Lactoferrin is a powerhouse antioxidant, so it can help knock out the free radicals that can cause damage to your body’s cells and stress out your immune system.† (based on existing claim) It also appears to activate white blood cells—more of your immune system’s bodyguards.

You have a challenging season ahead—is your immune system ready?
You know how tough it is to stay healthy. Even the best exercise and diet plans can’t always match what a hectic life can throw at it. Give your immune system the boost it needs, while ensuring your digestion is in top shape, too. Try The Smarter Probiotic™ of Pearls Immune™ immune-strengthening formula.
Published November 15, 2011
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