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Immune and Respiratory: Overall Immune Health†

Can supplements help me keep my immune system healthy?

The immune system is a combination of cells and glands that act as our first line of defense to keep our body safe and healthy. The best way to keep your immune system strong is by eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly. Also, check out the suggested supplements in our Daily Health Guide.

However, if you're not feeling at your peak, or want to give your immune system a boost, try one of the products listed here.† Cell Forte® IP-6 and Inositol serious deep immune support† and Saventaro® max-strength cat's claw can be used daily.

The others are best for short-term use, just when you need them.

= recommended for daily use
= take when needed


Cell Forte® IP-6 and Inositol serious deep immune support† Boosts the body's natural cellular defenses by enhancing the activity of natural killer cells - some of the most important cells of the immune system.†
Saventaro® max-strength cat's claw Potent cat's claw extract supports the body's ability to regulate immune function and provide the right level of immune-boosting activity for optimal health.†
Esberitox® supercharged echinacea A powerful combination of Echinacea and other herbs which stimulate the production and activity of critical immune cells.† The great-tasting chewable tablet is safe and effective for the whole family.
Viraplex™† immune activator† Provides the nutrient building blocks necessary for optimal immune system function; works especially well when combined with Esberitox for a one-two punch for immune protection.†
Air-Power® guaifenesin expectorant An expectorant, Air-Power makes mucus easier to cough up, and thins bronchial secretions to rid the passageways of mucus.
SinuCheck™ sinus formula† A pure form of natural eucalyptus oil extract to provide safe, soothing, sinus and respiratory support.†
Published February 26, 2010
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