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Immune and Respiratory: Lung and Respiratory Health†

Which supplements can help support clear airways and healthy lungs?

When they're functioning properly, we typically don't think about our lungs. Without really noticing it, our lungs expel used carbon dioxide and take in oxygen--an average of about 20,000 breaths per day, processing 3,000 gallons of air. The lungs really are some of the hardest working organs in the body.

Supplemental options are plentiful. For example, ivy leaf has a very long history of use to support lung function, primarily because of its antispasmodic activity. And, it can be used daily to help keep air moving clearly through your lungs. Choose either Bronchial Soothe®† ivy leaf syrup (ivy extract in an easy-to-swallow syrup) or Ivy Extract tablet. For additional support, add Petadolex® Pro-Active.†

= recommended for daily use
= take as extra support or when needed


Bronchial Soothe®† ivy leaf syrup Natural ivy extract in an easy to take syrup; clinically proven for lung and bronchial passageway health.
Ivy Extract Concentrated ivy extract in a tablet form to build and maintain healthy lung and bronchial passageway functions.
Petadolex® Pro-Active supplement Shown in clinical studies to help support lung health due to its effects on the body's natural anti-inflammatory response.
Published August 05, 2010
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