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SinuCheck™ sinus formula†—Give Yourself a Clear Choice

If you’re looking for natural, clear-headed comfort, SinuCheck™ sinus formula is your clinically studied, fast-acting answer.

Powered by pure eucalyptus
Eucalyptus trees are native to Australia and Tasmania, and make up a diverse group of over 700 species of evergreen. The particular species we’re interested in here, however, is Eucalyptus globulus. It is rich in an essential oil compound called “cineol,” the power that fuels SinuCheck’s ability to support clear-headed comfort.

Eucalyptus—helping people for a long time
Eucalyptus was traditionally used by Aboriginal Australians. The roots supplied much needed water in the outback, and the leaves were handy for boosting the immune system when it most needed help.

Keep clear sinuses—and a clear head

The key compound in the eucalyptus oil found in SinuCheck is cineole, which provides fast-acting, clear-headed comfort, and eases occasional irritation by maintaining clear bronchial passages.

Clinically studied clarity
This supplement provides serious support. SinuCheck has even been clinically studied to naturally speed relief. A double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial—one of the best you can have—divided 152 volunteers randomly to receive SinuCheck sinus formula† (200 mg) or a placebo 3 times daily.

After only four days of supplementation, significant improvement was noted in the SinuCheck group.

In fact, when compared to participants taking the placebo, the test group experienced nearly twice the improvement! After seven days, supplementation with eucalyptus oil extract provided an 81% improvement, while the placebo group experienced only 41%.

That’s fast-acting relief.

Recognized by authorities, too
Eucalyptus oil has been recognized for its support of upper respiratory health by the German Commission E, a world-wide recognized authority on the safety and efficacy of herbal supplements.

Get All Natural Sinus Relief--a clear difference

Nobody wants to become more drowsy during the day—heck, most of us are tired enough as it is. Additionally, nobody wants the stress of being made jittery, either. That’s why the all natural sinus relief of SinuCheck™ is so different. Nothing to knock you out, nothing to keep you awake. It’s powered by pure, clean, eucalyptus oil for fast-acting, soothing relief, naturally.

Published October 31, 2012
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