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2 Supplements Every Man Should Have

2 'Must Have' Supplements for Guys
We all want to be more than just "guys." We want to be able to do everything - fix leaky faucets, cook up a gourmet meal, run an occasional marathon, and be amazing lovers. No pressure, right? Well, before anyone runs off to save the universe, consider 2 supplements you really need to have in your corner.

Multitask with a Multivitamin
Multivitamins are probably not the sexiest product you can buy, but don't count them out.

A daily multivitamin is definitely a must. We should, after all, try to get all of our nutrients from food first. But, even on our best days, this is a challenge. Give yourself the benefit of a multiple that really does the job. Doctor's Choice™ Men and Doctor's Choice™ 50+ Men multivitamins are powerful - they give you the nutrients you need at the levels you need them.

Hot Plants® for Him supplement
Sometimes, a natural "romance booster" is exactly what you need to make sex fun, vibrant, and satisfying for you and your partner.†

For that, there is Hot Plants® for Him. This potent supplement provides herbal ingredients that have been traditionally used for generations to support men's sexual health.†

This formula was developed by Chris Kilham, Medicine Hunter (whose adventures you can follow on our interactive map). Based on his world-spanning explorations and research with native healers, Hot Plants for Him combines traditional herbs with clinically studied extracts.†

Don't Just be a Guy - be a "Super Guy!"

So there you have it - a healthy foundation with an age-appropriate multiple, natural support for your healthy sex life, and an herbal combination especially created for men's bladder health.† With these 2 in your corner, you'll feel like a champion every day!

Published June 22, 2017
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