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4 Supplements for the 50 Plus Man

Although you may not feel much older, you may have started noticing subtle differences in your health, habits and energy levels. This is natural. However, if you don’t feel like you’re ready to let nature get the upper hand just yet, this list of supplements covers 4 major supplemental suggestions to help you combat the clock.

  •  Energy levels: If you need more energy, try Rhodiola Energy™† herbal extract. Rhodiola Energy™ herbal extract is a caffeine-free herbal extract that helps you energize and stay sharp naturally.† Officially known as Rhodiola rosea this amazing herb has been used for centuries to combat fatigue, increase physical strength and enhance mental stamina.†
  • Nutrition: Even if you eat healthy foods most of the time, you may not be getting all of the nutrients you need. Consider filling the gaps with a supplement specifically formulated just for you. Doctor’s Choice™ 50+ Men daily multiple provides the vitamins, minerals, and food-sourced antioxidants you need, but not the iron that you don’t. It also includes saw palmetto, green tea, and lycopene for prostate support.†
  • Sexual health: Supporting sexual health is nothing new. Chris Kilham, known as the Medicine Hunter, traveled to remote areas of the globe in search of native healers with traditional remedies for male enhancement.

    Enzymatic Therapy® took these herbs, combined them with modern science and developed Hot Plants® for Him supplement. This unique formula is designed to safely boost male sex drive and enhance sexual performance and endurance.†

  • Temperament: Patience can be tough as we get older. Claims of “male menopause” notwithstanding, sometimes a natural approach to relaxation makes good sense.† L-Theanine, an amino acid found in green tea, may be just the thing.

    L-Theanine helps promote a restful, relaxed state, but lets you stay alert, too.† Plus, L-Theanine is scientifically shown to support healthy blood pressure levels that are already within normal range—something almost any guy—age 50 or otherwise—should be able to appreciate.†

Changes in life are rarely realized right away as we get older—they seem to come on gradually. But when we do notice, it’s nice to know there are some options available that keep you feeling healthy and vital.

Published March 04, 2010
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