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Take the Mystery Out of Multivitamins

Whether you’re just starting to take supplements or have been for a long time, the many choices available in a health food store may seem a bit bewildering. But if you want to get started, the best thing to do is select a multivitamin that helps fill nutritional gaps in your daily diet. But which one?

While there are plenty of multivitamin and mineral formulas lining the shelves of big box retailers, the problem with a lot of “mainstream” multiples is that you’re not always getting the highest quality or most easily absorbed nutrients.

Plus, most once-daily multivitamins provide only 100% of the daily values (DV) of recommended daily allowances (RDA). The RDA’s are just the minimum amount of a vitamin or mineral required to prevent a deficiency. They're not necessarily the amount required for optimum health.

Instead, consider a multivitamin that isn't just a once-daily tablet, but instead follows the body’s own need for nutrients throughout the day—the same way we eat.

A multiple supports a solid nutrient foundation

Starting out with a multivitamin is the first (and major) component of what’s known as “foundational nutrients.”
Generally, foundational nutrients should include a source of omega-3 fatty acids, probiotics (the friendly bacteria like the kind you’d find in yogurt), and ideally, a readily absorbed source of CoQ10.  In a perfect world, everybody would use these supplements every day. They can’t replace a healthy diet and exercise, but they sure help you get the most from them.

But a solid multivitamin can come first.

Select a multivitamin that acts your age.

In the same way that our tastes in music, fashion (one hopes) and foods change as we get older, so too do our nutrient requirements. The Doctor’s Choice™ line of multivitamins are formulated to be age and gender-specific and provide the right levels of nutrients especially for you.

For instance, if you are a woman who is past menopause, you don’t need supplemental iron in your multiple. In that case, Doctor’s Choice™ 45+ Women multivitamin is a right match. It supports healthy aging, urinary and bladder health, and energy levels. If you’re a man around 50, you’ll want to find a supplement that helps support prostate health, energy levels, and healthy aging overall, too.† Pick up Doctor’s Choice™ 50+ Men multivitamin for a multiple that has graduated to the level of sophistication your life requires.

Adult men and women past their teen years but not quite in their 50s or past menopause, need a multiple that supports energy levels and immune health. If this age bracket applies to you, think about how often you burn through exhausting days, and how many times you come into contact with immune-system challenges. In addition to nutrients you can use each day, Doctor’s Choice™ Men or Doctor’s Choice™ Women multivitamins help you defend against the stresses of busy schedules and seasonal concerns.† Plus, each supplement provides a vegetable ingredient blend for  additional antioxidant support the way nature intended.

Teens struggle with nutrition; a multiple can make the difference
Teens require a different nutrient mix, to make up for the crazy diets and nutrient-depleting activities that fill up their schedules. Since their bodies are still growing, they need levels of nutrients that take this into account.

Doctor’s Choice™ Female Teens multivitamin provides calcium and magnesium, to help support bone health, plus vitamin B6 to support the menstrual cycle, and iron, because—they may not replenish enough through dietary sources alone.

Doctor’s Choice™ Male Teens multivitamin provides extra vitamin A, zinc, and sarsaparilla to help support clear skin. These nutrients are important because adolescent boys tend to suffer more from occasional acne due to changing levels of male hormones. Another difference between this supplement and Doctors Choice Female Teens is that it is an iron-free formula. Male teens generally don’t require supplemental iron.

New moms need nutrients for two

New moms, moms-to-be, or women who are thinking of becoming moms-to-be need nutrients for two. Doctor’s Choice™ Prenatal Formula provides the nutritional balance pregnant women need.

While pregnant or nursing, you’re feeding your child with nutrients from your own body, which can become rapidly depleted. Doctor’s Choice Prenatal Formula provides the safe, sufficient nutrition you and your baby need. It supplies calcium, magnesium, vitamin B6, pantothenic acid, iron, zinc, manganese, copper, and selenium—nutrients that pregnant and lactating women quickly use up. Plus, Doctor’s Choice Prenatal Formula supplies the recommended amount of folic acid to support healthy fetal development, too.

Of course, when adding anything to your regimen, especially if you’re taking Coumadin®*** (warfarin), or any other prescription drugs, please discuss it with your healthcare professional first.

***Trademark of its respective company.

Take the mystery out of multiples

Finding the right multivitamin doesn’t have to be a mystery. Simply select a multiple that meets you where you are, and it’ll more than meet your needs.

Published October 05, 2009
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