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Quick Tips

Good health doesn't have to be complicated. There are plenty of common-sense steps we can all follow to live better, more active, and fuller lives.

Eat right

Eat rightWe hear this so often that it almost loses meaning. Eating right should mean adding things to your diet--more veggies, more fruits, more rich tasting, high-fiber breads and grains. However, it doesn't necessarily mean you have to give up chocolate. (After all, there's plenty of beneficial flavonoids in those dark chocolate bars, right?) You may just not want to eat chocolate at every meal. And, instead of swearing off your favorite (but not healthy) meal forever, try just cutting it down to once or twice a month--make it a treat. As you incorporate more healthy, whole foods into your diet, you'll probably find yourself craving them instead of the bad stuff.

Exercise daily

Exercise DailyYou don't have to run a marathon, or lift your neighbor's house. But, you can start parking a little further away at work each day. Begin taking break time walks, especially if the weather is nice. Dust off that bicycle and see if your friends would like to go for a spin. Almost every town has a dedicated group of folks who do some form of fun exercise. Whatever you do, don't overdo it right off the bat, and choose something you really enjoy. After a couple of weeks, you new exercise regimen will become part of your daily routine--as though it had always been that way.

Strength train your brain

Strength Train Your BrainChallenge yourself mentally--and not just by trying to keep up at work. Find a class in your off-hours that teaches something you've always been curious about, but has nothing to do with work. Read a book for fun. Start a board game night with your family. Check out those crossword puzzles. Research in recent years show that learning new skills and interacting with the world keeps our minds younger much longer. You owe it to yourself to turn off the television and fire up some neurons!

Do something for others

Whether you volunteer for a local environmental group, a food pantry, or your church's annual picnic, people generally feel healthier when their focus is outside of themselves.