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Exercise in your 30s and 40s

Whether you’ve been an avid amateur athlete for some time, or you’re just trying to stay fit or get through projects around on the house over the weekend, you might begin to notice some real lag in your recovery time compared to just a few years ago.

The key to staying fit? Stay flexible!
One key is FlexAgility™† MAX dietary supplement. It’s a soothing mix of bromelain and other herbs, plus powerful antioxidants—including a supercritical hops extract—that provide strong protection for connective tissue.† FlexAgility MAX is great because while it addresses occasional pain due to overexertion or overuse, it doesn’t just “mask” your concerns—it works directly with your body’s own anti-inflammatory abilities, too.†
Trust your doctor—Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum
Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum is an energy expert. He created the Fatigued to Fantastic!®† line of products to help people feel energetic and vital again based on his own research and experiences.† Fatigued to Fantastic! End Pain™† belongs to that family of supplements and helps you reclaim your active life.†

Fatigued to Fantastic! End Pain† provides a blend of cherry fruit extract, boswellia and white willow bark. These are time-tested herbal ingredients on their own, but put them in one formula, and their abilities combine to support your active life in 3 major ways:
•    You’ll feel soothing comfort that energizes you for the day ahead.†
•    You’ll notice immediate benefits that get better, not worse, with continued use.† (based on existing claim)
•    You’ll feel much-welcomed relief of occasional muscle pain due to overuse.†

Your life is changing—change how you deal with it:
You don’t have to settle for the way your parents dealt with occasional pain due to exercise or overuse, even if you’re beginning to think a bit like them.† Change the way you deal with some of these new challenges to your active life by simply changing what you reach for in the cabinet. You’ll be sprinting again in no time!

Published March 11, 2010
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