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You know you’d like to eke out a few more laps from your run, a few more steps from your walks (gotta get to 10,000!), and a few more miles from your bike ride. The problem is, your body doesn’t seem to want to cooperate. Even taking care of the backyard or doing chores around the house can seem like a hassle if you just can’t find the energy and stamina to finish the tasks. If you’re lucky, you’re an active person with no complaints about your workouts. However, for most of us, our muscles are pretty clear when we’ve overdone it.

The problems come when you get tired of addressing occasional inflammation from overuse after the fact. If you already use some form of supplement—a multivitamin, a probiotic, or a CoQ10 you probably value health and wellness. So why not consider the same approach for your workouts?

Bromelain Plus pain formula
Bromelain is an enzyme from pineapple that supports your body’s anti-inflammatory response. Bromelain plus provides this tropical wonder with vitamin C that supports the strength and integrity of collagen, and pantothenic acid, a B vitamin that helps convert foods into energy.

Curazyme™ dietary supplement
Curazyme takes its name from one of its main ingredients - Curcuma longa - otherwise known as turmeric. If you’ve had curry, you’ve had turmeric. Curazyme takes it a step further and combines turmeric with pancreatic enzymes that help reduce muscle pain from exercise and overuse, and other ingredients, including magnesium, for extra muscle support.

Naturalean with 7-Keto® dietary supplement
One of the reasons we exercise is to maintain a healthy weight. Naturalean with 7-Keto -when part of your diet and exercise regimen - provides that extra boost that makes keeping a trim waistline just a little bit easier.Naturalean with 7-Keto does this, in part, by supporting the thyroid. The thyroid gland is responsible for many things, including immune health, but it is also your metabolism’s “gas pedal.” By adding Naturalean with 7-Keto, you can support energy levels, reduce hunger cravings, and help keep hormones in balance, too. But it’s not a stimulant – it won’t raise your heart rate, blood pressure, or keep you awake. Just think of Naturalean with 7-Keto as an encouraging exercise coach—an added plus when you follow a healthy diet and exercise routine.

Published October 11, 2010
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