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Need to decompress? Take a hike!

Taking a walk is one of the best things you could do for yourself today. Besides the benefits of getting in some exercise it’s also a great relaxation technique and allows you to see the neighborhood, visit with friends, check out your local parks, or hike through the woods and commune with nature after a tough week in the office. A few things to keep in mind to make your time more enjoyable and feel ultimately refreshed:

  • Invest in a good pair of shoes that fit right. Your feet will thank you for this one.
  • Stay away from the phone, and really decompress when you’re out on a stroll. Take it with you if you feel safer, but, try to hold off on taking calls you’re walking.
  • Start off comfortably. You don’t have to start off with a long-distance trek. Keep it fun, and just stroll around the block to get going.


Being outside is ideal, but weather and safety can be a factor to consider. If possible, though, try to stay on your schedule. That may mean wearing sensible, layered clothing, or just sticking with an indoor treadmill when blizzard conditions and below-zero temperatures are too forbidding.

Published August 11, 2010
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